Soft washing rinse tip

So I’ve been doing softwashing a few years now. I am tired of running back and forth to the truck to pull and drop the dipstick, as well as using a zero tip to rinse high up (a lot of people have loose siding or loosening siding). Has anyone heard or use of a tip that puts out a stream similar to the soap shooter tip but does not pull soap?

I’m running a 4GPM 4kPSI machine on 300 foot of hose.

I understand how the more flow less pressure pulls soap but I am just trying to see if there is a spot that is right there on the line of high flow and low pressure without getting soap. It’s probably buried on this forum somewhere but I’ve been searching and have not found it. I’m sure this will be a good thread if we can find a solution to this problem! Thanks y’all

Are you talking about the tips he shows at the 3 minute mark?

Options for not walking back to the truck. You might get chastised for mentioning changing tips to stop the flow of soap.

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That is intresting I’ve never seen that but no. I’m trying to find a way to get as close to 4gpm at the tip as possible without pulling soap

The guys at my local shop said it’s possible but it would take a lot of trial and error… that’s why I came to the forums to see if anyone else has done it

Your best option is above. The remote switch is what a lot of people use. I believe IBS posted a video somewhere on here explaining how to make an affordable one. I think…

Mine cost about $70 in parts, although I’m still working on draw rates and construction materials.

How’s your hose issue working out on the injector?

I use a chemical injector bypass kit from Southside. You won’t see any difference in flow at 4gpm but it works for me to use my M5DS tip to rinse with at low pressure. Yes I have to walk back to the trailer but you learn how to be efficient with it. Your hw mix has to dwell anyways. Your high pressure rinse tips will blow loose siding off one day…happened to me a few times and I learned never to use them again.

I’m on vacay currently, I’ll report back when I get a chance to try it out.

I ask my ground help to do it…lol