Newbie Questions

For topics that people new to the industry might ask or search for.


Residential house washing, siding cleaning, and concrete cleaning. Feel free to share ideas and ask questions.

Wood Restoration

Proper wood restoration involves stripping, neutralizing, and sealing. Discuss all wood restoration topics here.

Roof Cleaning

Does your company remove black streaks and stains from asphalt shingle roofs? Learn more about roof cleaning.

Fleet Washing

Discuss truck washing and fleet vehicle cleaning here. This is your first stop for truck and vehicle cleaning.

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Restaurant vent hood and exhaust cleaning is vital for preventing fires. Learn and talk about it here.


Shopping center cleaning, commercial flatwork, building washing and parking garage cleaning.

Add On Services

Explore great profit centers and additional services for your pressure washing company.


This category is for you the “tinkerer”. Post pictures and videos, as well as text, of some of your favorite modifications, inventions and other whatnot.

Trailer Builds

This is perhaps the most popular of all topics.


Use this category to post or find topics related to specific stains or specific surfaces that are unusual.


Finance and money management. Budgeting, accounting, taxes, bill pay and more.

Management & Operations

Manage employees, customers, and your businesses operations. Learn about systems and best practices.


Discuss all forms of marketing. Direct mail, SEO, PPC, Branding, Social Media and more!


Sales systems and processes. Discuss sales techniques and tips and tricks. Learn how to sell your services better.

Machine Repairs

Machine problems, tips, warnings/advice etc

Ask The Vendors

A place to interact and ask questions directly to the distributors and sponsors of the PWRA

Supplies & Equipment

What are your favorite brands of pressure washing supplies & equipment? Discuss them here.

PWRA News and Info

New stuff happening at the PWRA Pressure Washing Association.

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

Power Washing Porn

Power Washing Porn - have you heard this term? It’s a rising social trend that stems via Reddit’s 100% SFW (Safe For Work) popular subreddit: Power Washing Porn. You can watch everything from reclaiming patio furniture, wood decks, concrete driveways, and other structures. Apparently, people find it oddly satisfying to watch surfaces and structures being power washed. Who would have thought?