Remote downstream controller (The Schertz Box)


Alright guys, parts are rolling in! Definitely not going cheap on this build! This thing has high quality parts.

I should be able to offer a 1 year warranty on the remote system and a 6 month warranty on the electric valve. I will know for certain soon! If you were wanting one now is the time to say so. I know @Racer and @Ikii have been chomping at the bit to see a quality box built.


I’m in. Did we get a price yet.


And how am I paying for it.


I’m going to have $400-425 in it. I’m thinking $500 - $550 plus shipping. I have to call some vendors and see if I can get the price of the box and valve down.

Payment can be credit or check paid by an email invoice.


Hold off for me a bit…I’ve spent a ton of money this week already. If I spend 500 bucks on it before I wash a house this year the wife might kill me. I’m definitely getting one this year though.


I know it’s alot and I questioned if people would want one at that. But if it has my name on it I want it to function properly and last years. It is getting wired with quick disconnects on all the wires. If there is a problem I want it to be as easy as changing a lightbulb to repair it.


I’m in


Hey man if its quality and it works well it’s worth the price. Cost of convenience. So far this week I bought my 8 gpm plus 270 in steel, plus a backup pump set up, plus like 400 bucks on amazon, 600 in chemicals… and about another k worth of misc crap. Wife called me at work today around 8 am… “you know its Tuesday and you spent 6 grand this week already” … “yes dear”…such a hater!!! I dont think she noticed my order from united hose yet either lol


Oh if Blaire only watched the money in and out of our account this winter… how long before y’all get worried I’m not here and call the authorities?


I’d be interested but my setup from Russ is still working flawlessly. I don’t even rinse it :flushed:. Is this only going to be a one time thing or something you will continue to make? It’s hard to tell. It sounds like I’m in about the same boat with Emily as Sharpe is with his wife.


I’ll make them as long as as anyone still wants them. How much was the Russ unit?


It looks like it’s $375 now but I’m not sure I paid that. It was a middle of the night purchase while at the convention. I bought a few other things and thought if I’ve already spent that much tonight why not a little more. I think it’s a little different then what yours is going to end up doing but along the same concept.


I looked it up. The difference between mine and his is that when mine is off it allows the ds injector to pull water. If you are just cutting the flow you are loosing rinsing volume. Not knocking his system as it seems solid and has good reviews from what I hear. Mine also has a $50 remote system with an antenna. I think my remote will go a hundred yards or more. I priced the remote that his has and it’s less than $15. Mine will also have a “cleanout” 3 way valve in the box. When you are done at the job you can flip the valve and it will run water through both sides of the electric ball valve. This eliminating failure from corrosion.


Will it have an indicator light as well


Does it also prepare dinner for a family of 5? If so, I’m in all day.


White and amber!


I cant wait to see one built and in action. I might have to go butter up the wife!!!


It will make you faster so you can be home sooner and cook! How about that?


It came with a different remote then it shows online. The box even looks a little different. I’ll see if I can’t find a picture of the remote. It is cheap and I would say is the weak point. If I’m on the back side of a house I have to hold the button a second or two or it won’t work. I got the dual one so one side is hooked to water one side to sh. My injector always gets rinsed just not my solenoid.


I definitely feel yours might be a superior option. I have no idea. Just saying I’m not sure she will let me spring for it when I already have something “similar” haha maybe in a couple months as we head out on our cruise I can give you a shout. I’m always looking for a better way to do anything.