Remote downstream setup


For anyone that may be interested in running the remote DS, I’ve found a combination that seems to be working pretty good so far. Instead of using solenoid valve I have found that a motorized ball
valve works better. And this Fimco remote is easy to setup and has some distance. It works thru homes.


Nice, I’ll give it a try. I love my remote set up.


You got a pic of yours? What’s it housed in?


I’ve got a question… how would one wire this so that when you hit off it opens a second ball valve to pull water to flush the injector?

I’m probably just going to buy the liquiforce that @rusty sold me on, but I wouldn’t mind tinkering with another setup for funsies.


I had a remote that had two channels. So in theory you could have two valves that both feed the injector one from water and one from bleach. Turn one off and the other on, but this doesn’t allow you to flush the first valve


I can’t seem to find any 2 channel remotes with that kind of range


This one lasted me almost 4 years. Got my $20 out of it for sure. Says 100’ but I could do closer to 200 line of site. Since I only have 200’ of hose that worked fine


You talking the Southside one?




I have the south side one. It works well good distance. I’m sure there are cheaper ways to do it but this works and carries a one year warranty backed by Russ.


Found this one with apparently 1000 m range.

Just ordered two valves and this remote. I’ll let you know how it works out.

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Cool, with he remote I have now it is ON/OFF so I just keep pushing the button until the soap stops, but the two channel you push the same button for on and off. So I wired a flashing LED (mounted on my ladder rack)into the remote as well, so when the soap is on(valve open) the light flashes. It is helpful to know the remote has made contact.


Got 2 of the singles - probably $800 invested with all the freight back and forth trying to get to work. On any given day, 60-40 at best, that it’ll work. I have to walk back and forth to trailer a lot. At least 1/2 the time, don’t even bother trying to get to work.


Find the same valve, except the “normally open” version, and wire it in parallel with the other valve. That way, when the circuit is energized, the fresh water valve shuts, and the soap valve opens. And when the circuit is de-energized, the fresh water valve opens back up, and the soap valve closes.


Three way motorized ball valve. Though the smallest I can seem to find in stainless is 1/2”. Nothing a brass or stainless fitting can’t fix though. Might just have to go that route on my new setup I’m working on.


Ordered some of those as well


Here ya go Harold, the sooner you switch from brass to stainless the happier you’ll be. $30 and you’ll never need another 1/4" barb in your lifetime. Lol


3 way ball valve. I will be building a few this winter for myself and a couple guys like @Racer

Want one?


If I fail at building one I’ll hit you up. Already ordered everything. Lol


I like it!

So would you think of running a tee right past the injector with a separate line ran to both valves ?