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Hello to all. After spending countless hours reading up on multiple topics I felt I should join this group. I have been impressed with all the knowledge and information that this site has to offer. I will be starting a PW business this spring in the SE Michigan area. It appears to be an under served area. I have researched equipment, chemicals, technique and feel I have a good understanding of the basics. I have done house washing in the past with my other company but would like to put more focus on this and other PW services. I was hesitant to put this post out there because I didn’t think anyone would really care, but I think I do want and need some professional input from this forum. I’ll be using a 12 volt system for roof washing, no proportioner, only batch mixing until I feel there is a demand for the service that would allow me to justify the added cost. I debated on the pressure washer itself, 5gpm or 8 and I decided on the 8. As I am buying new, the cost difference was minimal and I feel I would benefit more with the 8 in the future. Pressure washer products appears to have very competitive pricing and looks like a good company to do business with. I’ll be installing the equipment in the back of a pick up as I don’t want to pull a trailer. As I grow, I feel an enclosed trailer would be more advantageous then an open. I will be pursuing fence, deck and other flat work and I would like to thank you for all the incredible information and techniques that are here. There are a number of unselfish members here that give there knowledge freely. My finger is getting sore from typing this on my phone so I will be saying goodbye for now. If interested, I will post further updates as I put all this in action. Again, thanks to all for sharing your skills and knowledge.


Welcome! I’m just across the border from you in Windsor. Best of luck.

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Welcome aboard ! Your close to Hydrochem, Become friends with Chad Reiffer.

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Welcome to the forum. Thanks for the intro.

Welcome to the forum! Looking forward to seeing more of your build in the future. Nice intro, thank you

Welcome and best wish on your business!!

@Mitymite welcome.

Welcome! Fellow learner here sucking on the teat of knowledge :joy:. This is one of the best forums I’ve ever been apart of.


I’m only an hour or two from you, if you ever get yourself a large condo or apartment job
That you feel is to big for one guy, feel free to reach out.

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Thanks patriot, I appreciate that.

Welcome, @Mitymite!

Welcome @Racer had a cool thread about a truck build. Aren’t near as pretty or fancy as his but I’ll send you pics of come pick up builds if you want them

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@Innocentbystander I’d really like to also see the pictures of your truck builds if you don’t mind.

I’ll start another thread later


Still one of the best word combinations I’ve read on here… JRR Tolkien eat your heart out…

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Agreed I legit cracked up when I first read that post. Reminds me of “Chief Season” lol

Excellent introduction :+1:

Hi everybody. Austin Hill here from Mountain Mist Pressure Washing in Asheville, NC. @Mitymite said it as well as anyone…so yes indeed, thanks so much for the tips, tricks, topics, and fun banter. You guys give me the confidence that when I take something on the odds of screwing it up are a lot less. That comes with some piece of mind. I did not make all the smart moves that they did setting up their truck and whatnot but have some good equipment that should handle the load for a while. Problem is, my Forerunner doesn’t like pulling the trailer with 200 gallons of water on it. Lesson, just because the manual says it can pull it doesn’t mean you should. Live and learn. Here’s to you guys! Thanks for sharing your knowledge.


Welcome. As you probably know, don’t pull water unless you absolutely have to. If you don’t already have one, set up a dump valve on your tank to get rid of most of the water after every job.