Wood deck cleaning


Do you have a guess of rinsing psi? Are you going two boards at a time and rinsing the entire length of each board? Or do you find a different way is better? Thanks



About a 1000 is my rinse tip.


Good to know, it looks really nice. Good job


Chemist here…what would you like to know?


Hello Steve. You use this ReNewAll 10:1, about how much sq ft does that normally take care of.


This is the one I use and this unprofessional guy uses…

there is about a dozen more on you tube ones who use a surface cleaner…


Hw and ox acid finish

no SC. WAND ONLY. rinse tip


I’m not in a position to argue and wouldn’t if I was. I personally feel it’s not wise to use a surface cleaner on wood and I will not do it. There is loads of good information on YouTube but you always have to remember anyone can put a video on YouTube. With that being the case there is probably more bad information then good. Just because someone made a video about it doesn’t mean they are right.

I guess because this guy uploaded this video on YouTube he’s a professional and this is how we should all be doing it. https://youtu.be/FLRFF72wfu0


good points, I just know it has always worked for me in the decks and tennis courts that I have done… Id say 20 + decks 6 tennis courts all with NO problems…
OR I would not keep doing it…


@bluewave18ft what rinse tip did u use and psi?


Once I place the pseudoephedrine, I2, and red phosphorus in a boiling flask along with water and heat, and I get the resulting deep purple solution, is it absolutely necessary that I vent the resulting phosphine gas? I really hate the smell and definitely don’t want to alert the neighbors if not necessary. :skull:


I’d have to look. Jrod set up. Low enough pressure to wash bare feet off

  • List itemmeth-damon


Considering it’s you, best not to alert the neighbors, no venting needed. Let me know tomorrow how that works out for you :wink:


Dude, everyone knows shake and bake is the way to go. Just be careful burping that bottle.


I think I’m more confused then when I started reading. Guess I gotta keep hitting the books.


@squidskc look what I came home to…im looking forward to trying it out even says for roofs :thinking:


Will be curious on how it works I’m not having the best luck with F18 and F8


I have a out building here at my house I’m gonna try it out on this weekend as long as its warm and the wind isn’t blowing 100 mph like it has been lol… I’ll post some before and after pics


If it has caustic potash in it will be great on decks but keep it off roofs. Degreaser that gets between the shingles will break down tar paper. Probably similar to CPR from exterior. That stuff has been copied by everyone for 20 years.