Wood deck cleaning

How do you guys go about cleaning wooden decks? Do you use the same house wash mix and just rinse or throw the surface cleaner on it? I’m always nervous abouut messing up the finish!

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Question has been answered … use the search key…


you answered it yourself, you are cleaning it not treating it.

Come on @Justin_Treu he asked a stupid question but there is no need for vulgarity on our forum, or anywhere


Sorry … man I just found it and I started lmao at it

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I’m pretty sure just about everything you can think of has been asked about before on here. So I guess that means everyone on here should just never create any post, will just read the old ones. But I appreciate all the valuable information you added to my first two post. Don’t know what I would have done without your reply…


doesn’t mean that at all. But when you come here after spending less than one hour reading and researching, and ask a very simple question that has been discussed repeatedly over the years, you o have to accept that you will be called out for such foolishness. Now, get mad and leave or thicken up, read and learn. Never put a surface cleaner on a deck.

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Tell us why NOT to put a surface cleaner on a deck?

Is that a question or a statement?

It’s a question you know me i do things wrong… I use my 15" cleaner to do wood decks have for years with no problems… Now with my 6,000 psi i cut the pressure down always clean no problems…

Im serious asking what i need to know???

Please, no one listen to this. Surface cleaners don’t belong on decks


Are you swapping our your tips every time you put that surface cleaner on a deck? Your using high pressure when running your surface cleaner which is woods worst enemy.

so be it… I have been dong it for years with my 15" and NEVER a problem of any kind… U want to use you wand to go over a 30’ by 15’ deck fine it has worked fine for me…

Yes you can use surface cleaner on decks.
Overall not recomendable, but if you have experience and you know what u doing . Yes

Again, professionals do not put surface cleaners on decks

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Again professionals do what it takes to do the job…
I say your about the ONLY one who does not use a surface cleaner on a deck… But that is fine what pleases your professional self…

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Lol. Go get em man.

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I do everyday…

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I’ve never used one.

Never used one.