Wood deck cleaning


Thanks for sharing. I picked up 2 Gallons last fall at Southside. Guys I talked to there said it works as you describe. I have been using F10, SH, H2O solution on decks. It works, but it usually requires multiple applications, longer dwell times, brush scrubbing, lots of rinsing, and you have to mix it.


@Steve Got this deck to do next week would that renewall be my best choice of cleaner? Not big on wood but she really wants it done. received_10156275495729530received_10156275495734530


I’m not speaking for Steve, but I’d test it on that deck. Leading edge maybe 3 feet wide and see how it goes. Worst case scenario I’m sanding a deck on a Saturday.

Steve’s picture got me excited to try this re-new-all stuff. If it works fast I may add wooden decks back in the mix.


Yea his pic has me looking for it I could have really used it yesterday and today on the duplexes with the out buildings. The wooden steps were a pain in my butt. But after a day an half got everything done and she tipped me $100 :grin:


I was getting ready to place my chemical order with Pressuretek and I got on here 1st now looking to change my mind on my order now lol


$15 a gal or $13 if u buy 4 gals Hmmmmmmm wonder how often I’ll use it? @squidskc u want a gal to try I’ll buy 4 gal and send u one to try out lol


That’d be awesome. I’ll paypal you for the gallon and shipping.


Ordering when it comes in I’ll send a gal ur way


So, what’s the difference between Renew-All and F10? Is it NOT hydroxide? I’m interested, but I’ve gotten pretty much the same results from F10, with Oxalic post-treat. I get 25 gallons of liquid chem (2 lbs of powder per 5 gallons of water) for $50. I’m about to start buying the powder from my local supplier for $70 per 50lb bag, so that will REALLY lower my per-gallon cost.

Just wondering if this is an apples-to-apples, or apples-to-oranges comparison.


I can’t see why not. I use the Re-New-All for all my wood and composite decks. I don’t love cleaning wood either but some jobs won’t be had without doing the deck.


nice…I placed my order about 20 min or so ago…


@Steve So 12oz pre gal of water and spray on with a pump sprayer, 10 min dwell time and rinse with low pressure


Re-New-All is sodium hydroxide+sodium metasilicate, according to the label. I’ve never used F-10 but I believe it’s sodium percarbonate+trisodium phosphate+sodium carbonate.

Dang, I wish I had paid better attention in chemistry class. :confused:


I like about 13 to 16 oz per gallon of water. 13 if it’s not real dirty and 16 (8:1) if it’s like the one in the pic I posted. The one above I didn’t pre-wet the wood but some I do if it’s really hot out or in direct sun. If I pre-wet it’s more like just a misting, not flooding. Apply the solution and let it dwell 10-15 min, occasionally misting it to keep it wet. Then I start rinsing. I do a section at a time, so I have one section dwelling as I’m rinsing the last section, then apply to another section and let it start dwelling as I start rinsing the last section and so on. Good luck!


Thank you. I will post my results for my 1st time using it as long as it gets here in time. Shipping is high as crap from that store lol so I hope they ship fast :joy:


He does ship out pretty quick and Louisville is a giant UPS hub so that automatically takes a day off the time usually. Also, don’t forget to wear a mask. The stuff is very unpleasant if you get a good breath of it.


Mask up :heavy_check_mark:gotcha


It’s not a miracle working product. Decks are still a tedious with all the railings and steps to clean, but for me I feel I can charge a lot more now that I get professional results. I quoted a small deck the other day at $150 for a basic wash using housewash mix and a little bleach, $275 using wood cleaner, or $400 to clean and prep for staining. They went with the basic, but at least I gave them the option.


Yeah that is a nice bonus… i dont try and add decks, but if they insist i tell them ill can hit with house mix and rinse… to tidious and time consuming


That’s what she said :joy::joy: