Wood deck cleaning


Conventional wisdom is that if any pressure is used on wood, it should be 1000psi or less, sprayed with the grain of the wood. Under 1000psi is achievable if you swap out the tips in the surface cleaner (though I’m betting that a lot of guys using SC’s on decks don’t know to do this). But there’s no way to go with the grain using a SC. How important that part is, I have no idea. I hate working on wood.


I would never use a surface cleaner on a deck and I would bet you money I could clean a deck faster with my wand and the right chemicals that you could with a surface cleaner.

This deck only took me 30 minutes from start to finish with Re-New-All from Russ at Southside. Pre wet, spray on, let sit, and rinse with low pressure. Like soft washing but for a deck.


Above post is proper way to clean a deck. Be wary of advice given here or anywhere. Using a surface cleaner on wood is unprofessional and hack mentality. As is the advice from those that give it, whether to mess with new guys or because they don’t know any better.


well im just not a professional, Im just a common every day pressure washer looking to get by…
yall do it your way and I will my way…


What ratio did you use with the Re-new-all? That deck looks great!


@Steve did you reseal that deck when you’re done?


I used it at 10:1 with a 10 minute dwell time. Pre wet the wood and apply the renew all with a pump sprayer.


No that one but I have done others. I no longer offer a refinishing service, but I will prep decks for others who do it, or for the homeowner if they are going to stain it.


Same. It’s a hard no for me.


It looks great! I don’t have much wood deck experience sonI am going to practice on my in-laws at the end of June that looks similar to that one (maybe a little worse). I would be very interested in more info on how you treated that and what you would use to reseal.


After cleaning, I hit it with a brightener. The brightener restores the wood’s pH balance to a more neutral or acidic state so the wood “accepts” the stain better. It also enhances the wood’s grain. When the deck is dry according to a moisture meter, I would sand all the hand rails, blow it off with a leaf blower and apply the stain with a pump sprayer, and back roll it with a roller to remove puddles. I always used Baker’s Grey Away Stain from http://www.southernstainandseal.com/


Looks awesome.


$15/gallon for re-New-all is a bargain!


Oxalic based?


I’m pretty sure that’s what it is. I’m no Walter White, lol, I just buy it and spray it… :sunglasses:


@Steve Thanks for all the great info! I’m looking forward to tackling the project now.




Here’s another resource:

And: https://www.deckstainhelp.com/why-use-a-wood-deck-brightener/


Hello, Let me know if you need any pointers when you are doing it, i’m not too far away from you. I do it the same way as Steve, I apply the stain with a brush but that’s just personal preference. Good prep work and a quality stain, and get it done before it gets real hot.


I hate cleaning wood decks. They look amazing when your done but it just takes me forever.