Using a hydrant and rental meter for the first time

We are doing an apartment complex and we are going to have to rent a meter. Will the meter have a hook up for the garden hose that fills our buffer tank? Also is there anything I need to know about using a hydrant?

Most meters have a 2” pipe thread some have 1” depends on the area and what you asked for.
Remember to blow off several hundred gallons before you hook your hose to it.
MOST IMPORTANT. Are you hooking up the meter or are they. ???

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I don’t know yet? Anything else I should know?

If they hook it up just remember to only use the valve on the meter end do not turn on or off the hydrant valve.
Some areas give you the meter and you install it . It is very important to turn it all the way on and all the way off. If you don’t it will dump thousands of gallons underneath the meter. I’ve seen people’s entire front yard float off . It was quite a site.

You can go to Lowe’s and get the parts you need to hook up your garden hose. 2” to 1” reducer and a 1” to garden hose adapter. Probably less than $5

I’ve rented in two different towns and requested a 3/4” garden hose adapter both times with no issue. Would be worth asking for.

Louisville Water also has options including the usual 3/4" garden hose connector.

I’ve always had “2 in “ thread on the end of the preventer… but 2 in dishcharge hose thread wouldn’t fit it so got an adapter from local hose place. I’m not sure the actual name of the threads.

Go on amazon and you can order an adapter down the GHT

For $20 don’t chance it

Every one I’ve rented always has the adapter with meter and back flow device on it . But every area is different. I have two out now . One is a 2” and it actually has a 2” camlock on it. The other is a 1” with a 1” pipe on it. I’m under the impression that in some areas. Not in FL . You don’t need anything except an adapter. Not even a permit.

Thanks, just ordered them.

Usually only need a permit for city water.

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In MI I always have to pay a $200 deposit to the local govt and they come out and set the backflow/meter.

Invoice after the job is complete. $100 non returnable and $10 for 1,000 gallons.

In Florida if you hook up to a hydrant without a permit that includes a meter and back flow. It is an automatic $10000 fine . Plus possibly jail time

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Same here

$200 man I wish $2075 in pinellas $1750 in Pasco $900 in Sarasota. $675 in safety harbor Those are just the ones from the last 30 days. They also wait about 3 months before giving the money back minus all the fees

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A few cities around me will only let you pull water from the hydrant at city council.

One city an hour north of me (Grand Rapids) wants 3k deposit because I don’t live in the city.

Luckily my last three apartment jobs left this year are all in easy to rent cities

I always manifold from 2" to 4 3/4" hose barbs & always carry a spare they break at the worst times. We pay 1500.00 deposit per meter per county, 3 counties & 100.00 -130.00 base charge per month per meter + water used @ 1.50 - 1.75 per 1000

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I wish all cities were consistent. Every city i deal with takes a full day on the phone trying to get the right person.

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