Using a hydrant and rental meter for the first time


I tried to get a state wide one like some construction companies have . But was told no way. I can’t stand renting a $2000 meter for a $2000 job then waiting 3 months for my money back.


A 4th county that I don’t keep a meter for 365 days is slow on returning deposit & I found out last year they are bound by landlord tenant deposit guidelines 30 Days MAX for returns & they were taking 45 - 60days I mentioned the law & were tripping over themselves to hand my deposit back. I never knew there was a state meter that would be awesome. I hate meters


Hahaha. Sounds better than waiting a year. Government taxes the crap out of me.


I helped fill a pool up with a hydrant years ago. Did not know you could get in so much trouble from that. Wasnt my pool it was a friends and he was a fireman. Said yhey drain thousands and thousands of gallons to flush out the lines why not put it to good use :disappointed_relieved: