Trailer Set Up's

Its not my daily driver. I wouldnt have one as a daily but I love it. 21k miles on it and its a 15’


Lol :joy: window cleaning will be supplemental income. I’ve got everything we have invested in this trailer. It can’t sit still long. So far it hasn’t. I kinda got roped into (helping) yeah right, a friend of my wife’s paint their house. It’s money but not what I want to be doing. Like we talked about before I really want to gear things more towards commercial and not deal with homeowners. I like my little truck. When the engine goes I’ll put another in and keep going. I can’t wait to get it lettered. After Clay got rear ended he got my hemi and I found this one on Craigslist

@Racer guess where I got the milk crate idea from

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I bought a truck to get started and built a ridiculous cage around my equipment and ladder rack into the bed… I already ran out of room and see the need for a trailer set up very, very soon. I like these setups gentlemen!

Here’s my new Hot water setup! Amy Henderson ( Raleigh, NC) …Owner of Liquid Impact Solutions! Very excited, since this is my 1st tandem axle custom trailer. Will switch to a 350 Gal tank in near future, from 275 gal tank and know I’m missing a few more gadgets but not bad for just starting out! Have a portable 3100 psi Unit that we use as a 2nd machine until I add more bells and whistles.


Nice start. You should get a drop hitch to level it out, though.


Landa makes quality equipment :+1:


Congrats Amy. Nice setup.

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Thank you…on checklist now! One of my buddies mentioned that too :slight_smile:

Thank you Racer!! :slight_smile:

Good to know…thank you Florida :slight_smile:

Very nice. Those are great machines. Congratulations

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hi i built my trailer its got 450 gallon tank two hose reels 4200 psi hot and cold i have a seperate pump for deoanized water (spot free rinse) 55 gallon chemical barral i have my traler set up to recycle the waste water i have vachum pump filter system two acxle trailer with surge brakes



From edge to edge, how wide is that trailer? I am having one hell of a time finding a 6x12 dual axle to fit in my single car garage. @LiquidImpactGirl

Good Morning! It’s apprx 7 ft across back of trail not including fender wells. I left my measuring tape at job so I walked it–this is gonna make me buy a few extras! It fits in parking spaces. Leonard open car trailer model–14 ft. Hope this helps! I’ll get tape and remeasure soon. Amy :slight_smile:

Agree! Need some signage

I need a few of those features on my trailer! Nice :slight_smile: