Trailer Set Up's


Where’d you find that? I want.



I’m new here but here’s my setup thus far. I still have a few things to add and more equipment to buy but this is a start.


Get rid of those straps and mount the tank . It will move like that and rip your plumbing out. It’s also very unsafe


Good start. In 6 months you’ll have that trailer filled up with stuff.


There are 2x4’s lagged into the trailer floor that act as “stops” both front and back. I have 6" U-bolts to secure the base to the floor as well but they aren’t on yet. I am pretty dang strong at 6’ 225lbs former wrestler and I cannot budge that tote one millimeter giving it everything I’ve got. BUT, I agree it’s not the most ideal setup. The U-bolts will help but once the budget allows it will be replaced with a leg tank with the metal straps. I actually ran it up and down through the foothills of the Ozark mountains today to induce stress and nothing has budged a bit so I expect it to be fine for around town. If it breaks I’ll fix it. Besides, the end goal is an enclosed trailer but that will have to wait for now. I appreciate the concern, sincerely.

@Racer I sure hope so! Next will be a surface cleaner and 12v roof setup. Luckily, I’m very mechanically inclined so I think I can whip up something that might turn a few heads!


@Racer Also, thanks again for your time and help today! I’m filling the shopping cart!



At some point you’ll want to mount your unloader on an unloader block with a jumper hose to your pump. Get the extra weight off the pump and it will help your pump last longer due to vibration and kick from unloader being mounted on pump.


Great advice. Yes, that’s on the shopping list for sure. Although, I ran two Hotsy machines for years in the oilfield and I always had the unloaders mounted on the pump via quick connects (I know, I know) and never had any problems. But now that I’m footing the bill for any repairs I am playing safe!


Thank you very much I will look into that


This is my current set up. Right now I’m taking any job I can but I’m trying more for commercial work. Hopefully next spring I’ll have a recovery unit and tank on the trailer with a cold water set up on the truck. My long term goal is commercial pressure washing,store front window cleaning, and parking lot striping.


Interesting mix of services. Are you looking at storefront window cleaning as sort of a “loss leader” to help gain and retain commercial accounts?

Because storefront window cleaning doesn’t have nearly the profit margins as the other services you mentioned. Not knocking it, I liked doing storefronts back when I had time for it. And an upside is you can train any reasonably responsible individual to do your routes, make a small profit off their time, and focus your time and energy on the more lucrative services.


That’s some legit goals. I think there’s good money in striping and it’s a natural fit with pressure washing. I recently started working with a striping company that has no interest in the pressure washing side of things. So far so good.


I enjoy storefront windows plus it puts you in front of people. I just want one full day of route work. It breaks the monotony of the week plus it’s steady cash even in the winter. Striping is seasonal so window cleaning will supplement in the winter months. The three biggest exterior maintenance needs of business is parking lot,sidewalks and windows. We can cover all three without being stretched to thin


Hey Kenny, you are in Louisiana if I remember correctly? What are the down months? This is my first year and I’m not seeing any slow downs right now. Dec-February?


I’m in Mississippi. This is our first month back in the business. Right now I’m wide open and hope not to slow down but I’m sure it will. I’m doing everything from painting to windows to striping and pressure washing. Whatever generates cash flow


Darn nice setup for a window cleaner, lol. I’d like your truck please for my next build.


I’ve added a 50 gallon buffer tank since this pic


You’re tires on jeep bigger than trailer, lol. I didn’t even notice trailer at first glance. All you guys need to get big sign on trailer gate. I use to get decent amount of calls off of mine.


35x12.50 Toyo At2s on the Jeep. Ive been thinking about the sign on the back gate


Nice looking jeep. Trailer looks ok too, but I’ve got one of those. Don’t have a jeep anymore but your’s is a nice one.