Trailer Set Up's


Well, the consensus is pointing me to Line-x or Rhino.


I do powerwashing and window washing…very profitable once you combine them!

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Our decision on which coating to use came down to talking with each (Rhino-Line X) franchise owner and looking around their shop.

We chose Rhino Liner because of the guarantees the owner gave us and their commitment to quality work.

Got our truck back last week and we’re gonna give it a week to cure in…That’s something I want to do, Rhino says it’s good to go now.

Very Pleased With The Work!



I just put down a 60mil rubber floor in my trailer. Used in roofing. No seams. Took me about three hours and supplies were $150.

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Looks great guy, how is it holding up?


Me too im gonna get there

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Great thread Alex thanks everyone for pics got some great ideas

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Ahhh…had everything mounted decided to wash out the back and found out the floor was leaking. Took it back to rhino lining guy and he stood behind his work. Re-sprayed and now putting it back together…soon, very soon


man thats a lot of work, I would of been tempted to put that off another year, more power to Guy for doing it right!!!


I would but I’ve been building this money pit for like a year and a half…time for this thing to hit the streets and make some money!!!

Funny, never been OCD until I started building this truck…Mad props to the vendors that build equipment like this.


For those who use flatbeds, would you recommend applying Rhino or anything else to the bed?


monday I had this trailer setup and looked when we got done for the day and say the leaf spring was broke! so Tuesday morning went and bought this to try to be ready for the next work day. finish 12:30 am with this and left out at 5 am to start Wednesday! Whatta week

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Wow Really nice


I have a couple things to add but it’s functional. Thanks to everyone on this sight that have given tips/tricks, do’s/don’ts, etc.



Heres our set up, Patrick and I have been piecing this together all summer. It is finally almost done. We are waiting for the Fatboy bandit 120 volt. Comes out in September. From what we have been told also we have 250 feet of flexzilla hose for our roof pump.

5.5 gear box 2500 psi 13 h.p. Honda
250’ pressure washer hose
200’ garden hose
55 gallon buffer tank
55 gallon house wash
24" GP surface cleaner.
Chemical bypass
Ball valve on end of hose with 12 gpm Sutter trigger

All in a 5x8 enclosed trailer.

And a bunch of other stuff


Your going to want to throw that Simpson hose away… I used one my first year and had it bust after a month. Can be very dangerous


Thank you I plan on getting a neon green pressure washing hose non-marking up to 5000 PSI I just needed a cheap hose for a little bit I knew it wasn’t going to last a season.

Other than that do you think I got it pretty well put together do you have any suggestions?