Trailer Set Up's


WOW!!! that is one heck of a trailer set up, NICE JOB!!!


WOW!! You win the best trailer contest. The attention to detail is amazing. I love the white and grey paint inside. Very impressive.


That is the sweetest trailer setup i’ve ever seen!


good looking trailer…


Darn Len if that’s not one of the nicest trailers I seen in a long time. My 18’x7’ Enclosed trailer is so beaten to death its pretty much the opposite of yours all the way around… Kind of embarrassed to show it… but its still a money maker:)


Hey Ty -nice set-ups you got in there. How big is that warehouse you store your equipment and how much do they bang you a month for a place like that? Where I live that’s only a dream to afford something like that.



I have two sides with bay doors to my warehouse and an office in the middle of the two. One side is 2500 sq ft and the other is 3000. The office is about 500 sq ft. It’s in a gated industrial area of Phoenix. Plus I have cameras set up just in case. I pay $1450 a month for it all not including utilities.

How much would something like that cost in your neck of the woods?


Wow…that’s some price for all of that. Something like that here would run 5-6grand if not more. A couple of yrs ago I was renting a yard space and there was dirt all over the place. I looked into renting a garage for my flatbed and the best I could find was a 28’x10 for $180/month… I’d kill for a place like yours in that price range:cool:


Pressure washing generally commands a much higher gross per man hour but window cleaning is done more frequently and with much lower overhead. A mix of the two can be very profitable.


That is the most amazing trailer I’ve ever seen in my life


im am so jealous that an amazing trailer


I hope my trailer questions are not a downer after seeing and reading about what some of you guys have.
I just bought my first one, it’s 5x8 open. Is it important to lay down epoxy or some other protectant, since I’ll be using it partly for roof washing. And I’m starting with a 65 gal. tank. I’m assuming the thing to do is mount hooks on the floor somewhere for the straps. Anyone like to elaborate?


Dan I used two coats of hercu liner on a wood floor in a closed trailer and its holding up great, I also used cast iron hooks for th efloor to secure my 220 water tank.


wrong picture, trying to upload floor and hook


that’s the one I was trying to get


Thank you. I saw Herculiner on Amazon and wasn’t sure if it works for wood. I wonder if it would hold up to open air conditions plus chemicals.


I put herculiner on my service bed and it isn’t great after about a couple months. If you want the best, rhino lining or line-x is the only way to go


This is why I’m going rhino or line-x in the box truck build. Cost out the yag but is guaranteed not to fail.


In my trailer on wood two coats its holding up amazing, I also put it in the bed of my truck and it sucks, truck bed is metal


Yep, herculiner hercu-sucks.

I prepped and coated the heck out of my isuzu flatbed last year with it. Only lasted a few months. Wish i would have done linex, even tho it was much more expensive.