Trailer build ASAP


I’ve used it several times for installing direct tv satellites on the back of semi sleepers and that’s aluminum with interior on the backside. Not much choice and it’s worked excellent. Was handy on the stock car too.


I’d love to have one. I have an old school river gun that’s still hanging on the peg board in a package. Next on the list is a sheet metal brake though. I’ve got some stuff I wanna fold up first.


Average welder at best, but I’m a magician with a grinder.

A couple welds are “overweight” because I trusted the chart in the welder, but a little clean up and the new skid will be ready to switch out.


Looks perfectly fine to me. Welds don’t have to be pretty as long as they have good penetration. I keep trying to get better welding. My max star 150 is my favorite. Plasma cutter is probably next on my list but a few months ago I decided to start house washing and until I get that fully going that will probably be taking up all the funds available. I’ve been washing and polishing trucks on the side for years.


I want one so bad, but can’t justify it yet. Lol


That’s where I’m at with it lol and when I do I definitely don’t want a cheap one. I’m thinking a hypertherm is the best one but everything else is Miller blue so what do you do? :thinking: Maybe one day we will all be rich and won’t need to justify anything as simple as a plasma cutter.


I was watching the YouTube channel Welding Tips & Tricks and he was reviewing a machine called an AHP AlphaCut. He said it was one of the more affordable plasma cutters and works just fine.


More goodies from Dultmeier.

Last 4 items after this stuff gets installed and it’s ready to go.

1: 3 inch bulkhead install
2: install hoses
3: install gas tank and battery
4: test


You guys ever seen a bulkhead wrench?

Got the 3” bulkhead for feeding the 8 gpm and another large machine should Tyler choose to add one in the future. I honestly didn’t realize how massive this thing was.

This construction company is running me ragged in the afternoon after I wash houses in the morning, but thankfully we’re getting a thunderstorm. Lol

So I took a 1/2 hour to make this for installing this monster. We’ll see how it goes.


Great idea :+1:



That would be great if it wasn’t down in a 330 tank…

And this bulkhead is nearly big enough to put my arm in.


I’m digging that small jigsaw!


That opens to 3 inches. This thing has to be 5 inches wide.


A pipe wrench…


Except for cranking down bolts and drilling in metal I reach for the 12v stuff more than the 18 & 20… if you think that jigsaw is awesome you should see the small sawzall.




Our wrenches for the tank go up to 5 inches.we use up to 4 inch hoses to unload. I’ll get a picture of them next time I’m down in the shop. Solid aluminum wrenches if you’ve never seen one I bet you’d find it interesting. We’re in tornado warnings so I’m not allowed to leave the house :weary: had YouTube videos to catch up on anyway.


Please share haha


Any new pics?