Trailer build ASAP


Not yet. This construction company has been running me ragged. All that’s left is installing bulkhead to tie in the plumbing, install the hoses, install gas tank and battery, and test.

It’s been hooked to the F250 and they haven’t moved in about a week. I’ll get some more pics early tomorrow morning or as soon as I get home.


@Trp5925 As promised here are some pics. As mentioned above the plumbing still needs to be tied in and finishing touches, but United Hose has yet to deliver. Tyler ordered the hoses two weeks ago if I remember correctly.

There’s one full day left and it’s ready to head to Alabama. I’ve got a small box for the battery to mount to the wall and tie downs for the gas tank. I’m actually going to put that on the floor so it’s easy to fill up at the pump.

You’ll notice the new skid with actual vibration dampeners from zoro.


The anticipation is killing me


Installed the bulkhead at 5:00 this morning. The wooden “wrench” worked great.



There’s a boat load of space up front for anything else Tyler wants to store.


Oh and battery cables and a snazzy little box for his x-jet and injector proportioners, orings, whatever.


Hope you don’t mind, I took the liberty of putting some spaces between your pics. Much easier for me to see, lol


Not at all.


How many machines are you feeding that u need 2 bulk heads?
Why not use 2" non colapsable hose instead?


I am extremely interested on you testing , do a video please, on the hudson floats.
I see from the picture they are tightly screwed.
When i do that i cannot blow air/water through it.


You must not be using Hudson float valves right. Or you got a bad batch.

2” non collapsible hose is $2-4 a foot. PVC works just as well. And the machines will each be “over” fed since the non collapsible hose that will feed them will be a very short run. The 2” for the two 4s and the 3” for the 8 and potentially a 5.5 will never be short on water. The length to the inlets will be 12-16”


No grown man should be as excited as I am right now.


Yep, i dont know how to set them up
I dont think i got a bad batch.
I bought 2 from different vendors, and had same results.
They are about $21from tractor supply.


You should have a moon pie in one hand and a cheerwine in the other while looking at the pics. Nirvana


That’s mind boggling. They’re kinda dummy proof. You just thread them on and turn on the water.


You probably know already but you can run two machines off that fuel cell. Just put a tee with two barbs coming out of the tank. It will supply both with no problems


Send some my way. I’m worn out. Not from the trailer, but the season. At this rate when I come back from Alabama I’m gonna have to take another week off to build the truck and hire someone else just to keep up.

This build has been a blast though.


That’s why I got the big one. I think I read that or saw it on one of your videos.

If he wants to add another 8 he’s able to. That’s also the reason for the 3” on that side.


The two Hudson float valves that I purchased from Tractor Supply were that way also. I couldn’t blow air through them, but after installing, water did flow through them. It’s probably the way the diaphragm or check valve inside works.