Trailer build ASAP

Tyler @Trp5925 and I had a conversation about setting up his trailer for a big job NOT including a 12v pump. He won’t really need it the way he’s set up. He can run efficiently with X-jets.

This is a good place for reels and strange stuff like pulleys, belts, etc. They’re most helpful on the phone. The website is kinda clunky.

Here’s the x-jet:

Make sure you pick the right gpm for your machines.

Tyler’s trying to get things ready to roll without much of the fluff of a fancy trailer build with all the bells and whistles and he can correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s how I understood our conversation.

With the X-jet, buy a box of spare poly valves. They’re not built to last and you may find 2 per hose (either end) super helpful.

Here’s why:

Here’s another video on the X-jet:

Here’s the video on plumbing:

@Steve has a really good video on how he plumbed two machines of one outlet. Hopefully he sees this and can link it. I can’t seem to find it.

I’ll text @Innocentbystander and bug him to check on this, but @dperez, @Racer, and a handful of others here really know there stuff.

he’s got 4 - belt drive 4gpm machines on wheels. We chatted about him building racks for those machines to essentially sit in securely, but not be “permanently” bolted down for ease of removal etc for the time being.

He owns two lifts and will be doing work at multiple heights simultaneously. He’ll keep us in the loop as he gets this thing put together.

Who has a good video about joining pressure washer pumps to increase GPM? I can’t seem to find it with what I’m searching.


@Trp5925 this is what I mean by the inlet. You’re gonna wanna scrap the old garden hose inlets for a king nipple barb and use non collapsible hose.

People join machines together. Theoretically you can join to cars together. Neither are great options. If you are in a hurry or tight on money, try it. Remember, when there is little to be gained the risk should be small. Joining machines is high risk.

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I don’t have a link handy to a video but it’s pretty simple idea just using two short jumper hoses into their own check valve and then into a female tee. On the branch would be your combined output. Trapped pressure unloaders would need to be on both machines with no easy start feature.

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I think Russ at Southside Equip. was making a overpriced “kit” years ago if he’s just wanting the convinence

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The forum kicked me out and now I can’t get back in from the computer or
phone? Is it still down?

I can log in from the laptop but says certificates are expired. It won’t even bring the site up if I try on my phone.

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Water feed setup

Whole trailer


@ExpertPowerWash the link is in the original post for the plumbing. It’ll show you the whole shazam.

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Thank you I will check it out.

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It’s sitting ready for reels and machines which are slightly delayed. I got the Gemplers Rust Converter (same as corroseal) yesterday. Raining all day today and I have to coat them in the driveway. Otherwise, all pvc is cut and sitting in piles ready to plumb in. I’ll take pics once the rusty racks are sealed.

First box showed up! She’s a beaut Clark!


More goodies came. I’ve got a job tomorrow, but Friday I’ll start assembling it all together like LEGO’s. I’ve been hesitant to glue up any plumbing before everything goes in in case something has to change on, but I promise exciting pics are on the way.

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how many GPM?

He has an army of 4 gpms,but this will be his 1st 8 gpm.

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I just ran across this… Who needs 43 GPM???


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Large car wash? Maybe a 4 gun setup

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No and No

Ok I got it you split it between 2 guns then strap 1 to each arm and fly like iron man then offer drive by house washes!