Trailer build ASAP


Anyone ever seen an all black Honda? This thing is sweet.


Wonder if it’s because it’s LH exhaust, I know that seems way out there. But only guess I have on why it’s all black


The exhausts are a separate. You buy based on your set up. You must have gotten new stock my friend.


I just got the new Dultmeier catalog. If you paid for freight I’d double check it. Posting for other folks using Dultmeier as well.


Nooo never seen an all black honda but thats awesome. Wish my new one came in all black


Red is what Honda is… i like the red.


Agreed. That’s a big part of their brand. They prob changed it so that it doesn’t show wear and tear so much. The red plastic tends to fade. It’s a great engine engine either way. Great thread @squidskc, I’m looking forward to the progress.


I’ve had an all black Honda for about 5 years

But my favorite is the 13 HP BMW


What’s your plan for that engine? I thought you were building 4gpm washers, or you running two pumps off it?


No. He’s got a small army of 4 gpms that can be converted to 5.5 gpms if even necessary. He’s got the man power to run 4-5 and even 6 machines simultaneously, but has had some issues with height as I understand it and is getting into more flatwork.

I bet he’ll want to swap to 8 gpms over the next couple years or less once he tries it.


Thanks man. I’m excited to show it once all the racks are coated and plumbing installed it’s going to be able to be fed by four inlets if necessary.

There’s 4 225’ pressure hoses going in it. 5 reels with space for a 6th. He’s probably going to have to buffer at 200 gallons or more. Tyler does a lot of multiple story buildings and not like apartment complexes. Think office parks.

I haven’t seen a trailer that will be able to put put what this one will in 3 years of scouring forums and ogling trailer builds.

I wasn’t going to post these, but why not. Your comment made me even more excited than I already am. I wanted to get the Rust converter on these and get them mounted, but here goes.

The back of the trailer declines. It has two 5200 Lb axles if I remember correctly. These racks look off kilter on flat ground because they are. There will be enough space in between the racks to get 55 gallon barrels through.

The racks will be attached via brackets off the walls and “shoes” so they can be unbolted if a bigger tank needs to go in, he needs to shift the tank, etc.


It’s coming along nicely. Can’t wait to see it when it’s finished.

How do you like that new welder?

I once picked up a used generator that had a black Honda on it. The generator brand was Multiquip which they only make heavy duty industrial generators. It was only something like 3.6k but retailed for over $3k new. The one I found was old so not worth much but it was the first time I had ever seen a black Honda. I think Vanguards also come in either red or black. I much prefer Honda small engines.


wash your darn driveway lol!


Who’s going to pay me to do that?


That’s why my wife calls the $99 guy to wash our house


I’m definitely not washing my own house or driveway unless it’s to test a new soap or something.


I love it. My welder buddy was in town last week and I had the gas set up I was ready to roll. I was looking forward to welding with something that wasn’t flux core and when he got there he said nope change it back out we’re going to practice a little bit with fluxcore. So he made me do the first one with flux core LOL. Then he let me run three beads with gas to figure out on my own that I have to change the polarity.

Not the prettiest, but they’ll survive potholes and reels.


Can your further explain why it’s how risk?


nope. Jury rigging stuff to make a living isn’t common sense to me.


Understandable… I’m mechanically declined so I have all my equipment worked on by my Landa dealer. Never any issues that way.