Tile roof cleaning. Game changer?

I have a very big tile roof job coming up so I pulled the trigger and bought the Mosmatic roof cleaner. I know a lot of people here only clean asphalt shingles and we all know that you can’t use pressure on those. For tile roofs though simply spraying even a 6% solution is not going to really do much for good looks. Even if you wait a year it’s never going to rinse or blow off the ugly like asphalt does. Upon researching I found a YouTube video of this guy I think in Australia or the UK somewhere, that uses a water fed pole conversion kit to pressure wash the tile roof with. In one of his videos, he actually has a small 12 inch surface cleaner attached to the end of his water fed pole. On top of that he soft washes it after pressure washing and he just pumps his solution right through the water fed pole and out of the brush! I thought this was genius as it really mitigates overspray. I called Powerwash Store, Powerwash.com and a couple others and no one knows about the pressure wash conversion kit and the link in the video to buy it is only in euros. Here is the video that shows him using just a regular spray tip of out of the end of his water fed pole: https://youtu.be/-I5lKvNgAxo and here is the video of the one where he has the attached surface cleaner: https://youtu.be/WM4f0rLdM_s and finally here is the link to the conversion kit: Full WFP High Pressure Conversion Kit - 35ft - AC Pressure Washers
Does anyone know if a product like this exists for sale in the United States? I’m going to email the company in the link above to see if they ship to the US, but I would like to have this within a week so I could use it for my job so I’m hoping to find it locally (at least in America). It looks like it works great and could be an amazing tool to have!

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@florida_condo_cleani don’t you clean lots of tile, no surface cleaner needed just softwash? Maybe you have an input?

I’m not sure why you think 50/50 SH won’t clean the roof by it’s self . My be you have something different on your roof . I clean between 2 - 10 roofs a day mostly tile with no surface cleaner. I would never ever consider using one on a roof . And neither did the manufacture. It’s a quick way to cause major damage.


I built my own and it works great:

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Theres these

I just ordered the real one from KleenRiteCorp: Search

Those look like knockoffs. I paid almost $1200 and most places are in the $1700 range. Kleenrite Corp which is the cheapest.

I’ve needed to use turbo nozzles on tile roofs after 6% sh treatment to get the thick sticky growth off. They come out like new. Maybe your environment is different, but here in California SH alone doesn’t really do anything for those kinds of roofs. Which is ironic because Florida has way more humidity and growth than we do.

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You got burgled, get a refund Tell em PWR sent ya.

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I run into damage a lot caused by the previous roof cleaner with a surface cleaner. It’s very common around here that the coloring of a roof is just on the surface of the tiles and not all the way through. And it doesn’t hold up well to surface cleaners . Also the noses of the tiles are knocked off from the nozzles hitting them . Again might be completely different than the roofs in your area. We also very rarely have anything growing on the roof like fungus or moss .

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I need to use turbo nozzles to be efficient and those are the most damaging of all. While I have never used a roof surface cleaner before I would expect it to be not as harsh, but can’t say for sure since I have never tried it. What I do know is that where I am just treating those hard tile roofs alone doesn’t make it look good. I think I will put larger orfice nozzles on it though to further reduce the psi. Another variable with my equipment is even though it says it’s 3000 psi it’s only putting out 2800 at the pump, and then I’m losing an additional 630psi thru 210’ of 3/8” hose (I learned that the friction loss is actually 300 psi per 100’ not what most people seem to think on here that it’s only 100psi per 100’) so my surface cleaner with the regular size nozzles would only be coming out at 2170psi. This might help a lot with retaining the color more. And if I bump up the nozzles to a total of size 12 it would be somewhere around 1650. Whatever the lowest amount of psi I could use to get the job done well enough. I’ll still be Softwashing after.

Sean, I’d almost be willing to bet serious money that you’re the only one on here that didn’t know you lose 300psi/100 ft of 3/8 hose with 8gpm, :smiley: :smiley: I know I’ve posted the chart several times over the years and here’s a post from Russ Johnson from back in 2014 with it,

Don’t worry, we still love you.


I should clarify that contrary to what my old memory thinks people said is 100 psi per 100’ is in fact 300 psi per 100’ lol

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I saw those vids too was very curious and tried figuring what that would be like.
One thing I would think, after using water fed poles for window cleaning, is the dang shoulder workout that person must be getting trying to move that power washer with fan tip in the patterns he wants, (I have power washed tile roofs standing on roof in socks, lol, with gun and wand and fan tip, like washing cement old fashioned way) , and I have done wfp window cleaning. Now, to move that power washer pole, and trying to keep the right distance and pattern, and be able to see your clean marks too, I don’t think I would want to do that for 60 seconds, my shoulders could be done, now try ten minutes, now a half hour, I just can’t imagine that, maybe i’m wrong, maybe the power washer is giving some lift to the pole, but still, seems like it would kill your shoulders pretty fast?

I would be in to attempting the surface cleaner way, where the person is standing on roof walking the surface cleaner… lots of youtube vids of that, looks like great idea, haven’t tried it, don’t really do roofs anymore, but I have the 8gmp minute machine and big surface cleaner. I would pretreat and, put in oversized nozzle tips, but the person in vids doing it makes it looks so effective and seems to do it on a regular basis, why not?

I have a waterfed backpack that I built and have used it before to shoot my SH solution onto a roof before pressure washing it. It worked great with someone else pumping it and me aiming the pole for the solution.

Just ran into this, don’t put chems on your back.

Definitely would not wear bleach on my back. Have someone else pump the backpack from the ground and make sure that the other end is pointed well away from you.

Jason Young
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We want pics of this contraption

I use this one: M4 MY4SONS 4-Gallon Battery-Powered Backpack Sprayer, Multipurpose, Battery & Charger Included Amazon.com : M4 MY4SONS 4-Gallon Battery-Powered Backpack Sprayer, Multipurpose, Battery & Charger Included : Garden & Outdoor

They have a 14’ telescoping pole you can use too it’s pretty cool. It’s like an antenna though it’s fragile gorilla tape the last two sections so that they can’t be extended out too far wants to break off if you’re too hard on it. One charged battery will pump hundreds of gallons before it dies