Pressure loss with long hose

any know what the pressure / GPM loss is per foot of 3/8" hose?

depends on what gpm your machine is. the less gpm the less friction loss bc you are squeezing less into the hose and conversely the greater the gpm the greater the friction loss.

Here ya go.

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Wow. I need to order some 1/2" hose.

But what does it say about the concrete around here that I have removed creme with a 7GPM 2000 PSI setup, 200’ of 3/8 hose, and a 20" surface cleaner?

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I know everybody says this about losing pressure with hose length, but… I put a gauge on my machine right at he gun with 200 feet of hose and the pressure was 2350-2400 when my machine is 2500 psi. Don’t know what that means but according to that chart, I should be losing about 350 psi and I’m not.

Haha. Lee knows.

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There is a lot of crap concrete around here…

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It isn’t water pressure you lose it is gpm. If you have a small flow rate compared to the capacity then you will not see the pressure drop substantially.


one more thing. the pressure drop in the hose will be related to the hose material and the hose length so you need to compare like hose materials.


Did you check psi at the pump (or as close as possible)? I think you’ll find you’re pushing more than 2500 psi.

Also remember, to get a more correct reading…take the injector out when you check. Injectors inline reduce psi & gpm.