WFP converted for pressure washing

My 18" extension pole that I use for gutter cleaning broke. And I hated it anyway, terrible clamps, crappy fiberglass and aluminum, it sucked. Yay it died!

I had an extra Gardiner pole, and I turned it into a really nice pressure washing extension pole:

Remove old handle:

Buy 30’ of hose

Run hose through pole and connect 1/4" QC:

Added electrical tape to get a firm fit in the clamp:

Here is the QC end assembled:

#7 section pressure fits perfectly into the handle:

Need a 3/8" to 1/4" reducer:

All connected:

Gardiner CLX 7 section:

Result is a far superior pole with great clamps and better rigidity. 27’ reach.


Looks great and im sure will serve you well, definitely superior to the other pole… a little messy with the hose hanging out but I cant think of any better way. For storage are you just wrapping it around the pole like in the first picture?

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Yes, for now. That’s what I did with the other one, however it was only 18’ and it was over 6’ long so it was less overlap.

I think this is about 5’ collapsed, and can reach almost 30’ , so ya, hose management might be more of an issue. If you have any ideas I would love to hear them.

But why?


I use it for gutter cleaning.

For really dirty, really high windows…duh

I’ve been meaning to put something together like this with my old 30’ SimPole. I’ve had a couple housewash jobs where I needed some extra reach, and/or it was too windy to spray it all from the ground.

The nice thing about this setup, is with the 3/8” pressure hose, you should still be able to downstream with it if needed. Most of the storebought “noodles” have too much back pressure to allow ds’ing.

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