Soft wash questions


Please tell me how the ball valve and 4 to 5% works.


Restrict the volume of water…draws close to same amount of SH = Stronger solution being applied.

Not rocket science.


Guys lets just be alittle more kind to the new guys… I get it, he should have done more research but were all here to learn and help. Lets all be cool. Dont let this place become a toxic dump of know it alls and noobies. No one benefits from that.


by the way i’m a new guy. I don’t have a rig or a trailer yet. But i am obsessed with learning as much as possible and being the best at doing it when that time comes. I dont even know how to check my hours read maybe innocentbystander will come by and tell me im a noob too lol and he would be right lol. All im saying is lets all be cool please.


by the way i am just realizing this topic was from a long time ago and probably didnt need to be brought up BUT with that all being said. Everything i said still applies lol

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Think I might have learned this today. Lol. He was rude to me on one of my posts but I guess because he knows allot he can be ? I just dont see how that’s very professional. To bash or make rude comments to a small timer, or up and comer. Idk maybe I’m the jerk? Lol


Take it with a grain of salt. If he was rude about something I can be 1000% sure he was being honest about it.

We’re supposed to be grown men here and I’ve seen so much butt hurt from military veterans, grown men, and professionals AND been butt hurt a handful of times. I went off on @Nashvillewash about something a couple weeks ago and I’m still embarrassed about it.

It wasn’t even any of my business.

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Duly noted sir !


Question : I bought a 4gpm/4200psi PW with a Honda GX390. I also bought the Jrod nozzles for Soft Washing roofs and houses. I use 10.5% SH. Can you please tell me your thoughts on how to make a 5gl bucket solution? The Owner’s Manual says that for every 10 gallons of water it uses it draws 1 gallon of solution. So 10:1 , but will that be strong enough to kill all the black algae stains on asphalt tire shingles?
Mitch M. ; :5


No. Needs to be about 3-4 times that strong. Use the search bubble above for “roof cleaning”






Pepper learn your percentages for what will clean siding, roofs, brick and so on. Very important. The mix you described would be about 1% which is good enough for most vinyl siding but thats about it. Also if you are using the built in chemical injector on that dewalt machine stock up on some good injectors from pressuretek because that one is gonna fail on you pretty quick. As mentioned earlier, one of the downfalls of softwashing with a pressure washer is you can’t really make hot enough mixes for jobs that need it. The xjet is an option that can help that. Or you may just have to use a pump sprayer.


Couldn’t you just use regular soap tips with the xjet to do a roof rather than restrict the water flow with the ball valve? I am assuming you are using the ball valve to take away some of the pressure that the xjet uses (because it soaps with high pressure). Also, since the xjet is rated for the GPM of your machine wouldn’t the restriction of GPM from the ball valve make the desired chemical ratio inaccurate?




I use a150 psi air compressor with a 1/2" air pump and can shoot 3 stories at 90 psi and up to 17 gpm. I can run pure bleach through the pump if needed with no damage.


First, how you going to use any tips with xjet? Second, you arent going to restrict with a valve and get any desired results


modify it…helps reduce misting.




Take a variable soap tip and turn it into a fixed soap tip?