Soft wash questions


Please tell me how the ball valve and 4 to 5% works.


Restrict the volume of water…draws close to same amount of SH = Stronger solution being applied.

Not rocket science.


Guys lets just be alittle more kind to the new guys… I get it, he should have done more research but were all here to learn and help. Lets all be cool. Dont let this place become a toxic dump of know it alls and noobies. No one benefits from that.


by the way i’m a new guy. I don’t have a rig or a trailer yet. But i am obsessed with learning as much as possible and being the best at doing it when that time comes. I dont even know how to check my hours read maybe innocentbystander will come by and tell me im a noob too lol and he would be right lol. All im saying is lets all be cool please.


by the way i am just realizing this topic was from a long time ago and probably didnt need to be brought up BUT with that all being said. Everything i said still applies lol

have a good day guys.