Soft wash questions

Does soft washing remove lichen? Whenever I wash a house using an xjet and a very strong concentrate of bleach I still have to use pressure to get the lichen off. I see that most soft wash machines at set to 100psi. Is this enough?

Is a soft wash machine at 7gpm 100 psi more effective then a pressure washer and m-jet at 3.5 gpm and 4000 psi. I understand the psi is crazy high for house washing, I am just wondering about things that require pressure, like brick etc.

Also, what are the minimum size tank requirements for the following gpm soft wash setups.


Any reccomendations or videos on a DIY softwash setup?

Thanks, I am sure I will have more questions.

You have spent 5 hours over 11 days reading here. I bet if you came back in 4 or 5 months and spent a couple hundred hours researching you would be able to answer these on your own.


That’s kind of creepy…

Life isn’t a Star Wars cartoon and you may not be cut out for business in general if you can’t hear the truth from people who are doing it successfully.

He told him to do more research because it’s here.

This probably isn’t the forum for you if you’re going to come off the rails about a post like this. I’m not the kind to report folks but we’re professionals and our customers can see how we respond here if they want to dig hard enough.

If you post something like that again, about anyone, I’ll become the kind of guy that reports malarkey like that. This is professional forum. Not a place for guys with anger issues about people halfway across the country whom they’ve never met.


Because he suggested the questioner read more than 5 hours? I spent almost a year reading every forum I could fine before I even thought about getting into roof cleaning, which is how I started. Much better to take up the time of 10 different people than take up your own time doing a little self research for basic questions, correct? It would take me a good 1/2 hour to answer that question thoroughly and at least 1/2 of it I personally have posted about previously. Google, Youtube and the search bar are wonderful items


That may be but I know the answer to all his questions and can communicate without vulgarity so I’m one up on the two of you. Fortunately he can research and you can learn to speak like a civilized person so there is hope for both of you.


I have spent 3 days looking things up on youtube. I just have not done much searching on here. If someone could give me a bit of direction or maybe answer some questions as they ask them it would be appreciated.

Dude if you’re going to insult somebody at least take the time to spell it correctly so you don’t look like a complete fool…



From someone who’s new to this game I’ve done a lot of reading, probably more reading than I’ve done in a long time. Every thread I read Innocentbystander and others respond with answers to peoples questions and solid advice to help people. Some answers and advice from innocent might come off as short or “arrogant” but from what I’ve seen on here he’s one of the first ones to respond but isn’t going to do the work for you because I’m sure no one did the work for him when he first started. I usually dont respond in these threads because i dont feel I have any credibility yet so who’s going to listen to me haha. Anyway I’m tired of overly sensitive people in this world. Get a thick skin pal and dont be angry and tough over the computer it will get you no where.


Hit the search button and type in “Lichen.” That will be a good start

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I will search after I a done youtube softwash setups. I mostly just want to know what size buffer tank is good for what gpm.

Research the details to even see if this is something you can handle before looking at other people set ups. You can soft wash with hundreds of different pump and tank set ups. There is not only one way to set it up


There is no one on this or any forum, that I have followed, that knows more than IBS. Now, if the truth hurts, so be it…it is still the truth.


I have been doing softwashing all summer with less then ideal equipment. I am in the researching process of trying to figure out how I am going to set up a truck. I would like to not have to haul around a trailer if I dont need to. I have a 3.5gpm pressure washer for surface cleaning if needed.

You may not like everyone’s approach, but giving fish instead of teaching to fish is why people fail.

Steve Jobs was a jerk. Well documented. But you think a tech start up did their best to burn bridges with him.

I remember when I made a comment on a post about IBS not having much tact when I very first joined the PWRA it didn’t take long to be embarrassed about it. And I still get a little embarrassed when I think about it.

Don’t burn bridges man… For the love of Nutella… after I told a grown man with 20+ years of success in our business to alter his approach with other new guys (yeah… sounds silly, right?) he’s sent me equipment, answered countless questions people here haven’t even seen, and was one of two people (@racer) I asked about a house with water so brown you couldn’t see the bottom of the bucket. No more than 3 days ago.

He answered immediately and we started texting about hunting. That’s fun as mess in my book… I can’t even fathom where my head was when I told an industry expert how to do things.



It depends on what you’re going to be doing with it. You don’t need a buffer for a softwash system? you need a mix tank or if you’re going to be running some type of blend system then you’re going to need several tanks of various sizes for supply.

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Dang Scott! Kinda coming in with both barrels on that one, weren’t ya? You have to remember that people call this industry “The easiest to get into and the fastest to get out of”. Customers can view you as a fly by nighter or “Gypsy”. I have the gypsy guys coming around my place wanting to re-pave my driveway because “We just did a job for your neighbor and we have some leftover…” all the time. I’ve seen their work…and no.
If you don’t personally put the time in to learn this profession, chances are you aren’t going to be in business long.
This guy read 772 posts and wants answers handed to him, you yourself have over 4000 posts read. The answers are there, just do the research. IBS posted what he posted to give the guy a hint at doing more research and you came in guns a blazin’.
I don’t know where the attitude is coming from, Notre Dame won this weekend and everything. When it comes down to it, the guy needs to do some more research before he asks questions.

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I was under the impression that the chemical was down streamed and not actually sucked out of a big tank. So I am guessing I will need a 55gallon drum at minimum. I am in the process of picking out a truck for residential house washing, and I am trying to figure out what would be the best set up for someone who does not want to pull around a trailer. I live in a densely populated area and driving around with a large trailer makes it difficult.

Softwash Systems and PWS both sell nice truck bed setups. Go to PWS youtube channel, they make a new video just about every build. You need to be more specific with what you’re trying to do.

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I was actually just viewing the softwash systems youtube channel. They seem nice, but out of my budget right now.

To sum it up, I was looking to create a softwash setup that will fit in the back of a truck bed, where I can easily roll out the hoses, wash, and leave as quick as possible.

Right now my pressure hose reel is not useable and my garden hose reel is not mountable to a trailer bed. I am spending way to much time getting set up and putting equipment away.