SH transfer system

I did some research and didn’t come up with much here. I’m going to be using a 55 gallon drum to have filled with 12.5 SH at pool supply and bring back to store at home. I plan on using a 30 gallon mix tank on my trailer. It seems like many use a 12v pump to transfer SH but I don’t plan on getting into roof washing. Is there a specific brand of transfer pump you guys recommend to transfer SH to chem tank?

This is what landa uses to fill my holding tank

I just built a platform for my tank and gravity feed. If you are just using a drum i would use a hand pump into 5 gallon pails. That is what we do when we are working out of town and have drums delivered on site


Do you have an air compressor handy? I’ve seen some guys build a transfer system by pressurizing the drum, so the SH is pushed out instead of sucked through a pump. Seems like it would be the fastest and most reliable way of transferring bleach.

Edit: please see PSA:

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Thanks…I actually use a cheap little hand pump to transfer surfactant and degreaser from 5 gallon containers to 1 gallon jugs. I’ve seen larger hand pumps that seem to work decently so I’m thinking about that for now

I’ve watched some YouTube videos of guys using their air compressor to to that. I have a small air compressor…that sure it’s enough for it though

And I thought I was the only crazy one here.

That sounds like some kinda bomb?!

Depends on the fitting on your drum. You’d need to round threaded holes. And adaptor for one to mate it to your compressor. And a weird adaptor for the other with a pipe to the bottom of the drum and an outlet to hose

Seem doable… but complicated and kinda sketchy. I think if you’re using enough SH to make that method worthwhile, you’re using enough to have it delivered into a gravity fed tank like @Innocentbystander uses


Drum are pumps are quick, and safe… Safe is a relative term here.

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bring a five gallon bucket of water to rinse after use.

My 12 volt setup has quick connects where I can put jump lines in. I have a dipntube for my 55 gallon drum and I fill my 35 gallon tank in my rod right that. One of my build threads covered it…

I use my compressor to transfer my SH that way. Im able to trasfer a drum in ± 5 min, and the best part is there are no moving parts touching the SH. You do need to be more careful when pressurizing the tank, its not about psi but more just getting the air in there. If i had employees i would use a different method, but it works great for me.


Finally threw together a cheap air-powered system for transferring bleach out of my 5 gallon carboys.

My little 18v Ryobi compressor was able to empty a 5 gallon can in 2 minutes, which is much better than the <1 gpm siphon pump I was using. I’m sure a real compressor could have emptied it in 30 seconds :joy:

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I’ve been using the Ryobi transfer pump as well and it works great. Probably not as fast as others but it’s reliable. My batteries are all dead so I just plug mine in when I use it to transfer SH from a 55 gallon drum into 5 gallon buckets for each day. Flush with 2 gallons of fresh water afterwards. Works like a champ.

Yeah, I’m using an air compressor, though. So nothing to rinse out when I’m done :grin:

(Didn’t even know Ryobi made a transfer pump. Kinda cool)

Y’all know a 4gpm 12volt Pump is like $90

The idea of pressurizing a plastic drum of bleach sounds pretty dangerous

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My compressor was reading a steady 2.5 psi. If bleach isn’t coming out, shut off the compressor. Or install a pressure relief.

Closed head drums are thick as hell. I’ll bet my life they’re good for 20 psi. Not talking about making a air compressor tank out of one.

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~65 psi is the breaking point, at least in this test:

10-15 psi should be plenty to move whatever you need to.

I’m not saying it’s going to blow…I mean the possibility of a leak or a spill while under pressure could cause some serious damage…mostly to your eye balls

For that matter, I think you’re just as likely to have a serious leak/spill/spray situation with a 12v pump.

Little did you know I have no eyeballs because of the first time I blew up bleach in my face. 15-20 psi and you’ll be good.

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