PSA: don’t use air pressure in your drums of bleach!

Had one burst this morning. It’s not worth the risk, guys. Those of you who use a similar system as I do, I recommend strongly that you stop using, ASAP!!!


Yea, that’s no good.

Dang sorry to hear that - hope everything is ok.

Hope you are ok.

I hope you and everyone is all right, I tried to warn ya’ll way back when.

Yes, yes you did. And you weren’t the only one. A humbling experience, for sure. Hopefully someone else can learn from my foolhardiness.

I think I’ll be ok. I wish I had had something better than an N-95 for the cleanup process. I’ve got a bit of a cough and am feeling a little short of breath.


I try and wear a p100 when staining. I need to do better.

But…I bet a local hardware store would have one

You been looking at my Facebook pic of me again aren’t you?


Lolz. Your current photo looks a bit like me. Now I know what I can look forward to when I’m (50? I forget how old you are). I’m not complaining :joy:

It was just a matter of time Alex. hope you haven’t lost your tan lol.

How full was the drum? Did you make a mistake, let to much pressure into the drum or was it purely a freak accident?

Your alright is the most important part man. I’m glad you’re alright dude. You say you’re prayers tonight a little louder so he hears you.

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Lol, that pic is from 1998. I’ve had some years put on me since then

Yeah, that’s what I’m getting at. You were around my age or a little younger when that pic was taken, and I found an uncanny resemblance. So looking at your more recent profile pics, I have an idea of what I can look forward to, maybe. Though I think I might try and stay away from the cheerwine and moonpies if I can help it… :man_shrugging:

Thanks buddy. I have definitely been saying my prayers today.

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I was right around 20psi. Though they aren’t technically rated for pressure, a good drum should hold to at least 60psi or so. I think the drum had been worn down around the edges from rough handling. They like to roll these things on edge a lot.

It was nearly full. I had just started pumping out of it, got maybe 7 or 8 gallons out before it blew.


glad to hear you are ok, marinegrunt had one pop on him too. I wouldn’t use that system, but it looked interesting, maybe with a larger hose using an adapter the size of the full bung to help alleviate pressure buildup.

Only way I would be comfortable ever using air pressure for transfer again is if I had a way to store the drum up in a loft or elevated somehow above my truck, and I could deliver exactly 5 psi to get it to start a gravity flow.

But if you have the ability to gravity flow, there are probably better methods of getting it going. Like some type of siphon pump.

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Yeah, check out this wear. Unacceptable that they were still using this for delivery, IMO.