SH tank bulkhead fitting

I bought a 65 gallon norwesco leg tank as my SH tank. The only issue is, it came with a bulkhead fitting at the bottom which I didn’t realize would be a possible issue until now.

There isn’t much in the search about this, besides having to weldthe tank. If that is the case, I would just return it. Is there anything else I can do to prevent the bulkhead fitting from going bad all of the time? Or is there a certain way to plug the hole?

I have a bleach tank with a bulkhead and it leaked. I changed the bulkhead to a Banjo and use silicone grease. It hasn’t leaked since I applied this fix 3 - 4 years ago.

Where do you apply the grease? Just on the bulkhead threads?

You want it on the rubber o-ring/gasket as well. Dive shops sell silicone grease, we used it to help with our drytop rubber gaskets when kayaking.

You’ll be much happier in the long run if you just get another one without the bulk head


I applied it on the gasket touching the inside if the tank wall.

You can plastic weld it but I would return it and get another without the bulkhead.

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let us know how its holding up after you apply the silicone grease

Will do

any input?

I had a leak in my water tank bulkhead, applied the silicone grease and tightened, no leaks afterward. I’m sure it would help on the SH tank.

Holding up just fine.

My entire trailer is painted with iron armor truck bed paint, so it is completely black. It was easy to see the previous fitting was leaking because it had eaten through the paint on the wood (right under bulkhead) and then some of the wood.

I repainted it and the paint is still there. No leaks yet.

Just started leaking.

Put the gasket/seal on the outside of the tank so it’s not just sitting in bleach.