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A picture has surfaced of a person using pressure to clean clay roof tiles. This is something I have no idea. My approach would be a soft wash for it but I have heard and seen videos and people cleaning them with HP… Can those with experience in Tile Roof Cleaning lead the way in proper TILE roof Cleaning…

We clean 200-300 barrel tile roofs per year and have never used anything but the non-pressure method. There really is no other logical way to clean a roof.

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I saw a guy using a classic on tile roofs. Honestly, it looked like he knew what he was doing and he did an excellent job from what I could tell

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Looks can certainly be deceiving:p

I feel like if you are not careful while walking on the tile roof you have the potential to break a tile or two? Or maybe slip off, they look real slippery! I think the best/safest way to clean the tile roof would be with the softwash process so that you can shoot from the gutter…

Yeah, I didn’t say I would try it. Lol

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All I hear is “don’t use a PW on roof” but I don’t see specifics as to why.

Understandably, there is the slippage / breakage factor, but if I have a 24’ extention lance and a angled turbo nozzle, what’s the problem?

BTW I’m only running a baby, 2,500psi

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I have to advise that I’m new and don’t completely understand the softwash method vs. the pressure method. Can someone briefly explain?

Use the volume of water (gpm’s) and chemicals to clean as opposed to the psi. Pickup a nozzle kit from pressure Tek and see the difference it makes.

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Actually just saw a couple of youtube videos about it so I get it now. Sorry about that. But do you guys think of THIS method?

If you have ever tried to hold that 24’ lance out at any kind of an angle for more than a minute you know that it is heavy as heck and will wear you out before you have even done 1/10th of the roof. Plus with a machine like yours it is not enough power to get off anything unless you are literally 1 inch away from the tile, which will take you several days to complete a whole roof. When you are talking walls it is all about the extension lance instead of sketchy ladders, but no way on roofs.

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I did a 3k sqft home earlier this summer where my chem mix just would not cut it. I run a 4gpm 3500psi hot unit. (although i wasnt using heat on the tile roof that day) I ended up having to get up on the roof with a surface cleaner. That was my hardest/longest (timewise) job I have done yet. BUT, when done, it was remarkable how clean it came and it got me several more jobs around that home.
My suggestion is if you don’t have to get on a roof, then don’t. If you do, then work your way to top and clean pitches first and clean down. Algae, etc is pretty slippery.

This is basically how I did it, only I started at the pitch and worked my way down. Once the dirty part of the roof is wet, its pretty slippery.

Pressure washers on roofs are an absolute no go for me.
Purchase a roof pump set up and save yourself the risk of falling off the roof as well as the home owner coming outside to let you know about the water pouring out from their ceiling.
Ive cleaned tile roofs with a roof mix and they come out perfect and very little risk as long as you have a ground guy. Just my opinion.

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I have only really done pressure washing on roofs because I didn’t know any better before this site. The one thing that I will always say for the roof jobs I did is that they came out really, really well. Unfortunately the amount of time they took was ridiculous and the wear and tear on the body was brutal. I am going to try my first roof with sodium hypochlorite in a few weeks and hope it opens up a whole new world to my business.

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In Florida it really isn’t uncommon to see the SC cleaning method on tile roofs. The guy that got me into pressure cleaning has used this method for years and never had any issues. However I’m one of those people that likes to look into anything that progressive which lead me to this site and how i learned about soft washing. I am currently trying to convert him over to soft washing as we speak because it’s so much safer. SC a roof you have to step on sooooo many tile which increases the chance of cracking one. When you soft wash you step on far less which even makes for a good selling point.

Are you talking about the DS Nozzle Kit that allows you to use your PW as a soft washer for houses, or something else?

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My apologies Atlas1, that advice was misplaced in this thread, my fault. That piece of advice pertains to house washing, not roof cleaning. Soft wash on roofs involves using a low pressure, high volume pump system to apply a heavy mix of soaps to the surface of the roof and allowing the mix to clean the rooftop.
There are some guys who insist on using pressure on concrete tile/barrel tile roofs. You will see surface cleaners and turbo nozzle roof cleaning videos all over the web. The potential for damage is much greater using a pressure method than by using the soft wash method. Soft wash also allows you to stay off the roof in most applications.

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Thanks for clarifying that for me! Man, using a SC on a roof just seems like asking for death, in my opinion!

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