Roof Systems, Help me decide

Since my re-relocation back to the coast, I have had to really adjust my business. In Nashville, I washed houses and concrete (and a bit of industrial degreasing…) Now, 80% of my income is from roofs. Running a 12v has been ok and I really cannot complain because the pumps are so cheap and lasted 8 months. Here on the coast though, wind and height are a real issue. I have found myself having to climb into scary situations to reach the last 2 foot of a ridge due to wind. After a solid year out here I feel comfortable saying I clean enough roofs to justify purchasing equipment better suited to the conditions.

So my questions to the guys that really know, which system is better suited to mostly roof work? Here are some of my concerns:
Reliability, durability, shorter rinsing periods after, space required for the complete system, leaking issues, replacement parts availability, total cost.

**The other day I saw a shop locally that is a Gould dealer. This may or may not help. Thanks guys!

AIR…Most reliable roof cleaning setup available. If you have the space for a good compressor IMO its a no brainer.

Ok. I have heard that. My experience with compressors has not been so great. So how much compressor do I need? Will they do well in a corrosive enclosed trailer or exposed to a lot of rain on a flatbed? Would the compressor be gas powered, generator powered or customer hookup?

I’m using the Kingslinger system, couldn’t be happier!


How long have you been using it for?

A couple months, not a long time I know, but long enough to know I love it.

A good 15-20 CFM Gas powered Compressor works great for running a 1/2 AODD pump. It really depends on how many roofs you clean…We use our air system for ALL of our chemical applications…Roofs, Houses, Concrete literally the only chemical application we use is AIR. Yes, the compressor rust, we change out compressors every 2 years just to lesson chances of downtime. We have them mounted on flatbeds, when we first started we used box trucks they definitely rust quicker inside the box but plenty of companies successfully mount compressors inside box trucks year after year and clean a ton of roofs!

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AR45 or AR25 with a midwest valve is what we use i love it. I actually took the 12v and air off the trailer only put the 12v back on


Major company here in town cleans Churchill Downs and other buildings, he has a couple AODD systems. He says it’s the way to go for high volume/height.

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What are you liking better about the gas over the air system?

I agree with @Firefighter4hire . Go with the AR gas. Better distance than the AOD unless you go with big AOD, like 1", which will also require big compressor.

Less noisy also. Cost with blending system, hoses, fittings, etc in $3k range. AOD pumps themselves may be slightly more reliable, but the gas engines are honda gx200’s so they’re bulletproof.

May want to talk with @TexasPressureWashing . Think he has both.


I’ve run the Kingslinger and it’s not much more performance than a 12V. Low volume and would be affected by wind.

I run the AR45 and AR30. Both are great but are also affected by strong winds. As are actual pressure washers when going for max distance. I’ve also run a P40.

Max horizontal distance I saw with a Kingslinger on 1/2” hose was 42ft but even with an accumulator it was more like 35ft average.

P40 on a 1/2” hose was 56ft and 9.5GPM 290PSI
AR45 on a 1/2” hose was 59ft and 9.5GPM 200PSI

Switching the AR45 to 5/8” hose it went to 68ft and 12GPM with a much harder punch. 200PSI

I also run the AR30 on 1/2” and see 62.8FT and 10GPM. I really like the 30. Haven’t tried it with 5/8” hose yet. 225PSI

Kingslinger vs 12V

AR30 vs AR45

AR30 build list. $2184 if no reel. Gas pump 9.5GPM 580 PSI. I use it for roof washing, post treat, and house washing. Predator 212 motor with a High Flow Proportioner from Pan Handle. On a 1/2” hose I see 62.8FT and 10GPM Gas Soft Wash System


Also all small engines are in short supply. Finding a Honda GX160 or 200 is almost impossible new. Predator 212’s are more common. Sometimes the Kohler 6.5’s can be found. I run a Kohler and a Predator 212. No issues with either.

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I think the gas pumps are more consistent than air. The pulse is what I could not stand more than anything with air. As far as reliability I would say the ar is just as reliable. The biggest problem with the ar is that people don’t set them up correctly. Then use them like a pressure washer that goes into bypass. You can’t wash with a gas roof pump like you wash with a pressure washer or a air pump. I prefer the gas roof pump. Plus the sound a aircompressor makes is the worst


Nobody likes the boosters?

They seem awfully expensive from what I remember last time I looked into them.

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They are spendy once you factor in a generator ($600+) (space hog), a proportioner ($1300) and pro switch ($500?) Booster ($900) Getting close to 4k with shipping

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That’s about what I remember them running. The guys that run them seem to love them though so maybe they’re great. Then again, some guys won’t admit faults when they have so much money tied up in something. So who knows.

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My hang up with the air system is the compressor. I live and work on the corrosive coast, and for now I use an enclosed trailer (rains a lot). Even more corrosive.

The gas system seems good until I need a new motor or parts. This can be overcome but it sounds like performance is kinda meh.

Booster is a grand or more but requires parts that are locally available as there are a lot of wells in my area using them. Also, I would have a generator which can’t be a bad thing right? They do seem finicky when some people talk about them. Many suggest starting with two pumps just for a backup. 5k…

Ouch. I’d say go for the gas system and just pray that you don’t have engine issues before the supply chain catches up. It can’t last forever.

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