Gas Diaphragm Pump - Kappa 32 vs. AR30?

I’m in the planning stages for a gas-powered diaphragm pump softwash system, and with weight/capacity/size limitations, I like the idea of running a slightly less powerful pump with 1/2" hose and reel. From what I’ve been reading the P40/AR45 duo benefit greatly from 5/8" hose, which adds mass and weight. (And I would assume the Kappa 43 with similar specs to those would also run better with 5/8")

In older posts I’ve read @TexasPressureWashing stating he liked the performance punch from the AR30 with 1/2" hose vs 5/8" for that pump, but in other sources recently chatted with him that his affinity for the AR30 is no more, as it apparently fails quickly with SH.

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I’m curious how the Udor Kappa 32 compares to the AR30 for those who have run both? On paper they have very similar specs for GPM/PSI. Elsewhere I’ve also read the Kappa is robust and reliable compared to AR45/P40. Udor claims all the liquid handling parts are Anodized aluminum and Stainless steel, but this may just be marketing and is typical of these diaphragm pumps?

So far it also looks like the AR30 is a bit more affordable than an AR45 or P40 too, how does the Kappa 32 compare price-wise? I don’t really see a lot of them for sale in searches by comparison, especially as pre-built machines. I also like the idea of slightly higher PSI and slightly lower GPM vs the AR45/P40 specs, but I’m curious how it’s affected by the friction loss of 300’ of 1/2" hose too.

Not sure which is better but whatever you purchase, Buy extra parts. They all leak at some point, most sooner than later. Not designed for SH so it’s really hard on the pumps……much success though.

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thanks, goes without saying to get extra parts, I look at it like having o-rings, spare couplers, spare DS injector, etc…