Remote downstream setup


I’m gonna have to give up snow removal just to build these boxes lol


Or give up the safety officer :joy::construction_worker_man:t2:


Nice! Im using the solenoid valve now and its made so poorly I have to fix it almost every use and when im not fixing it, im on the other side of the house praying its going to work lol not to mention it was insanely overpriced.


I used this remote, it has two relays that can be programmed separately, so each time I press a button, one of the relays turns on or off and the other is momentary and just beeps the horn. Works great!!!

Check this out: Solidremote 12V - 24V Secure Wireless RF Remote Control Relay Sw…


I see what you are saying. Just program two of the relays to the same channel on the remote. So one relay stays on and the other just beeps a horn.


The electric ball valve linked to in the first post has been working great for about two months now. No rinsing


Yes,. Also I overlooked putting a on/off switch between the battery and remote control board initally, didn’t think about the constant drain from the board


Are you making the kind I did or something different?


@Innocentbystander What kind did you make?


What Russ Johnson sells now. 12v solenoid and remote control.


Same concept except with the electric ball valve, I tried the solenoid (although a cheap one, and it didn’t close completely and impeded the flow of SH), Time will tell how long the ball valve will last, but it has no effect on the flow.


What do you not like about his?


His is mine :slight_smile: I designed it about 10 years ago and gave it away. Nothing wrong with them except the solenoids lock up occasionally, burn up or just quit working. They can be built for about $30. Not bad for what they are. I want a system that will turn the arm on the little grey plastic 3 way ball valves. That would be the cat’s meow.


Stepper motor and a basic microcontroller should do the trick. Pack it in a waterproof project box with a universal clamp.


Did you ever try one with a high dollar valve? Not a solenoid but ball valve?


I tried them first with dema solenoid valves. That’s what I have Russ. I found the cheap $10 valves lasted just as long. Never tried a ball valve.


I’ve been to hobby stores, radio shack, talked to folks online. It has never led me anywhere. If you find something that works and served it to me or some kind I’ll throw a few hundred bucks toward your truck Norris project


Let me get my build done and see what you think.


Have you settled on a valve yet?


I have. I will likely offer 2 options. 1 with the cheap amazon ball valve or a “pro” model that has a $250 ball valve that will take an extreme beating. We run these valves on salt brine applicators and they last 3-5 years with nasty salt.