Remote downstream setup


Nice. I figured you were putting in the r&d :+1:


I am going to build both. If the cheap one seems like it won’t last I won’t even offer it. I’d rather tick someone off that I wouldn’t build a cheap one than tick someone off when their box quit on them.


Roger that. I just about gave up on the selenodes after going through three brands with none lasting. The electric ball valve has done me right so far. Knock on wood


@Smile4me would like one also


Have you done any more work on this or are you just battling the snow right now.


Battling the snow is a very nice way to say that Mother Nature is kickin my butt…

I have a backlog of things to do, but I have hope that I can start the builds late next month.


I know it’s an older thread and I don’t do a whole lot of residential but was thinking to myself dang that would be really handy…lol I like anything with a remote…makes a one man show work even faster…Ill keep my eye out for updates :grin:


I have the 3 way electric ball valve picked out. The valve alone is nearly $300 but it won’t fail like others. We will see where the build takes us and go from there.


If you have one normally open and one normally closed valve then when you energize them both they do the opposite. It to me seems as simple as wireing them to the same leg. Obviously your n/o would be water so you can pre soak plants, grass, and flush you’r injector while not using any battery. As soon as you hit your remote both valves get energized so your normally open water valve closes and your normally closed sh valve opens.


That works in theory. But why have 2 cheaper $20-$50 valves when you can have a name brand trusted valve? I was designing what you explained here and I just decided it was too many moving parts to rely on.


I’m not too familiar with what these valves can handle but some are for acids and chem usage. I figured if I buy 4 and use pex connections, a swap would only take minutes.


Then of course move to a different valve mfg. Research and development if you will.