Remote downstream setup


Who all thinks they want a “remote soap switch” for downstraming?

I know @Racer @Ikii @Sharpe want one.

I think they will be under $300 each. Could be much less or close too. I don’t want to use crap parts or a cheap case and make enemies on here lol


And just to be clear I am only making and selling them on here becuse the site host doesn’t sell them. I do not want to make the pwra folks mad!


@Harold to that list. Is this compatible with the roof system or just DS?


This one is just the ds.

I can build some roof pump systems if I need too. But the proportion valves are expensive. Unless you just use standard ball valves and find a sweet spot and mark it on the valve.


Ok cancel my order. I never DS anything except straight 12.5. If I dilute its always too weak doesn’t work. Not sure if it’s my setup or my SH. Thanks anyway. I’m still excited to see your work. I’m sure it’ll be top notch.


This is a soap switch that just switches you from SH to rinse.

So if you are downstreaming 12.5 that’s fine. You use your own injector. All this does is makes it where you don’t have to walk back to the truck to switch from chemical to rinse.


Gotcha. I seen your first post a while back and made me one. Couldn’t wait. My first try didn’t go that well. I think you helped me with the wiring the second time around. Third try was a charm. It’s been working great. I use it daily. Thanks


I started a parts list for a dual system.

You can run downstream with it or 12v with proportional system.

Will just have to flip a toggle switch to select if you want to downstream or run 12v

Obviously that system will be more money but if I build it right I bet it will rock!


I made one using the same electric ball valve, added a horn to the exterior of the housing. So when I switch from ds to rinse or visa versa a get a beep I can hear all the way around the house to know that the remote worked


Where did you find the time limit horn?


Easiest remote set up

Two guys Washing house… the guy in the back radios to the guy in the front “hey can you walk 10 ft over to the truck and turn my $15 3 way valve”.

Lol jk


like that… a horn



If I had a remote Id be even fatter :wink:


I have this right now. Works good. Kinda gets hard to turn after a dozen or so houses. I still like the idea of a button on a remote 200 foot away.


Most of us are a one man show!

If you want to find the most efficient way to do a job, hire a lazy person. Lol


I found a box that makes a chirping noise. They normally install them on heavy equipment and the sound chirps while the outriggers are moving. But if I could find a low decibel horn that just honks briefly I would use that.


I just installed mine today. I’m about to try it out in about 30 minutes lol


I’m just messing…if you make a remote valve that works with no issues after 40 houses I’ll buy three of them.


I have a secret up my sleeve that will make them last a long long time. Also adding parts to take the voltage pull off the remote system making it last longer too.


Yeah if they really function well, Ill be gettn one too…