Remote downstream setup


If you don’t hurry up I may not be around to get. I’m not getting any younger over here, lol.


That’s how my system is designed on my 12v rig. When you click the button it allows the 12v to pull from both SH and water.


Once I get some free time and all my snow equipment up to my liking. I started pulling everything off the truck today. Bittersweet


yeah, looks like you had good summer with your new toys. Still going strong down here. People won’t stop calling.


Was a very good year! I’m nervous how busy we will be next year. Most of our calls come from previous customers referrals. This year we added so many customers! I’m sure it will be busy. We may be changing gears though and only do commercial.


All my QC are stainless. Couldn’t find the barn stainless. Thanks for the link

I still have not ran into a situation where this fimco has not worked. It’s pretty sweet to have this setup and it actually work. The selenoids just wouldn’t last and the China remote was horrible.


So your mix is always 50/50?


No, you put a ball valve before the electric ball valve that controls the flow rate of SH. Look for my thread that is remote controlled soap switch.


This winter I’ll be building my “proportion” boxes with remote control system as well as remote control downstream injection boxes and selling them. Just far to busy right now to build them.

Will be easy plug and play design.

Stay tuned!


Home grown metering. Nice, I’ll search for it. Surprised I missed this thread



Ok, you just trigger my seizures! :sweat_smile:


But it’s purdy!


I would lile to purchsae one for dsing


Ill be putting them together next month. Ordering parts soon!


Can I get on that waiting list!!!


Yep! I’ll make a half dozen or so.


Are you sure that’s enough?! :astonished:


you da man!!! Just make sure to drop me a pm and let me know how much I owe ya!!! thanks


I’ll make a post with it working. Then everyone can decide if they want one.