Remote soap switch

Working on the skid and thought I’d show this off! Excited to use it this summer.


Haha to funny you made this all my parts just arrived in the mail to make me one. How many channels did you get on your remote?

4 lol that’s too good! Let me know if you need help!

What do you have on your channel’s? And how did you end up enclosing everything?

Just the soap and light on 1 channel. When I get my pw built I will add a remote switch to the ds on it. May add my backup lights to a channel if I get bored?

What do you mean enclosing everything?

Where did you mount the circuit board and solenoid valve?

Circuit board is in the battery box where it will stay dry. Have power lines running out for the valve.


I love it… except for maybe the disco light.

Is the light tunable?

Where’d you get that big fat electric ball valve?

In unrelated news, 3 week’s ago got some remote controlled outlets. Now once a day I’ve turned the tv off usually right when I get home. Emma is convinced theres a faulty wire in the door. She doesn’t know about the outlets yet.

What did we ever do without remotes?


The light lets me know for sure the soap is on. The light had a few modes but that was my favorite. Everything is from amazon including the electric selonoid. I’m pretty stocked to not have to walk back to the truck to change modes! The wife is very pregnant so I lost my helper. She was replaced by a $25 Amazon order lol…


This forum makes me want to spend too much money. Nice rig!


I did this remote switch for next to nothing!

Getting closer!

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When/if you get a chance, would you mind posting links for the parts you got from Amazon?

what is that white thing on the bottom left, where the barb is?

Looks like a check valve


Check valve. But I’m changing it out. I don’t like how much pressure it takes to open it. Ordered a different one at ace hardware.

Will do! The valves elec sel and remote are all I got from Amazon. Rest was ace hdw.

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@squidskc how about this?