120v transfer pump?

Sorry, I don’t have time to do a deep dive into the archives. Does anyone have recommendations for selecting a 120v transfer pump to get my bleach out of my drums and onto the truck?

I had a nasty surprise this morning when I went to the shop to fill up using my air transfer system. The last drum they delivered, has coarse threads on both bungs. No NPT threads with which to use my air transfer system :confused:

Edit: please see PSA:

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You could always make another air pump with the buttress threads so you have both.

I didn’t search very good but here’s one website that looks like they might have the right fitting. At least the picture looks like buttress threads with a 3/4" pipe going through it.


I have this one for draining my hot tub.

It’s a beast. It’s’ heavy and awkward to handle. I’ve never used it for chemicals but I’m sure it would work. Sometimes it doesn’t prime very well and I have to mess with the inlet hose to get it full of water to get going.

Why not just use a 12v? At 5gpm it only takes like 10min


Thats what I do, when I have work to do. So slow right now.

Amazon has some that’s where I bought mine but without paying some money you won’t get good gpm… pressuretek has one for like $140 at 5.5 gpm

This was my solution for today:

I wish you would have bought this instead:

So you could test it out before I buy one :grinning:


My father in law uses that in his plumbing business. It’s a beast

It’s amazing the lineup of battery operated tools they have.nowadays. It wasn’t too long ago and all they had was a drill, circular saw, and reciprocating saw. I guess there was a right angled drill too. That was Craftsman only 4 tool pack.

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I wonder how it holds up against bleach?

There was a guy on You Tube last year that was doing a totally green lawn care business with all cordless yard tools. He had a little truck (a Ranger I think) with a topper and inside of the back it looked like the DeLorean from BTTF with charging lights, batteries, volt meters, switches, wires, fuses. It was kinda cool actually.

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Sorry, I’ve bought into a different brand. I’ll let you know how the Ryobi holds up when I get one :smirk:


I saw that one but I couldn’t figure out if it was cordless or not. I mean, I guess it would be but the “power adapter” was throwing me off.

Nevermind - I just saw the “HYBRID” in the description. :expressionless:

Technology is changing at an alarming rate to say the least, the effort and money Tesla is putting into battery technology will only trickle down to consumer goods In the very near future, they already have motors and battery packs that will endure 1 million miles of reliable use, I’m a combustion man myself but it’s hard to not get excited about batteries and portability and what’s to come in the next decade.


Probably not too well lol. Works great for clearing water out a hole! Lol

What about this, anyone use one? I’ve been thinking i need one.

I was interested but Ryobi clearly states don’t transfer anything but water.

I wonder if you could replace the seals with viton? We have a bearing and seal place here where you can pretty much take in any bearing, seal, or o-ring and they can order it. They probably have over a hundred books that are 5" thick. Some old guy uses a caliper, measures it, goes right to a certain book, flips to the middle, writes down a part number, and says come back in tomorrow after 10:00 a.m. and it will be here.


@Infinity that’s what I’m going to be switching to I believe. They are cheap at only about $10 but it sure beats using a hand pump!

@Infinity is everything you use green? Matching green camlocks? That’s some fine color coordination there. :wink:

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