Paint bled onto brick?

I tried to search but can’t find the exact phrase for this.

I may have some F9, will have to check. Anything else I should try?

I wouldn’t start with an acid cleaner but try a solvent instead. Xylene takes ANY type of paint off of anything. Test spot of course and definitely a respirator if you go that route

Wonder how a turbo would work on it…

Haha a turbo nozzle will take anything off. Maybe the EacoChem guy has some input but I’d try a solvent. Surely you’ve got some Goof-Off or Goo-Gone handy to test it out. Sodium hydroxide can remove paint also

Since it’s not super high up I’d grab a stiff brush and see if with a little thinner you can’t brush it thin and rinse.

BARC should get that off. I’ve done it before under windows and columns where the white leeched onto the brick.

Scrubbing involved ? Or can the fan tip / turbo get it off?

Oxidation dripping down onto brick… I swear I’ve seen a detailed thread on that somewhere. I’ll have to find it



Y’all look way to hard to find hard work :slight_smile:

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We actually rescreened her porch ($$$) and I noticed she has a lot of algae on the house, so this started out as a standard house wash. I just figured if there was a simple way to get that oxidized paint off the brick, it would make her happy.

Definitely charge a premium. This is restoration not just rinsing. Definitely multiple applications and probably scrubbing and maybe turbo involved, ladder use ect.

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There was a post a few months back where someone used F9 Barc to remove the white paint that rain down onto brick from the aluminum trim. Looks like a similar situation so worth trying. I can’t remember who it was but might’ve been @sgb

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It was @sgb. The paint rain off onto brick. I want to say he went straight BARC but can’t quite recall

Hmmm. :thinking: I can’t remember but think someone might have already suggested BARC 2 days ago. Even said they used it before :rofl:

Seriously though, that F9 COOKBOOK is a great investment.


Yeah about 6 times in the thread too lol. But when Craig replied with the page I was figured I’d add to it.

Agree the cookbook is legit.

I really should get one from Southside.

Thanks guys, I’ll give BARC a try. Great resource.

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The app is $38.99 vs $199 for the book.

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Hey @TexasPressureWashing

@Racer saw me post a page of Craig’s book on here before and warned me to take it down. He let me know if Craig found out people were posting his stuff online for free he wouldn’t be too happy about it.

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Thanks for the heads up. Craig posted that online. It wasn’t from my app but good looking out!

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