Brick under vinyl

Tried to walk away from this. Customer wants it restored. Similar area on the front and other side. Plants in the front, nothing delicate.

I haven’t restored brick this bad. Looking at onerestore.

Looks like mostly mold and dirt. Use your housewash. Let it dwell then hit it with a little pressure. It will probably clean most of that gunk off.

It cleaned up a little when I did that but the stains are still there. The customer wants it basically restored without the white stains etc.

I hit it with a hot mix with extra surfactant too.

That picture is after you cleaned it?

No it is before. The after is not really any different. Some of the organic stuff was removed but overall about the same.

Maybe has aluminum under the vinyl and that’s oxidized paint than ran down. It has been there longer than the siding.

I hit this one with OneRestore. You’re on the right track. Follow the tough stain directions.


Oh that’s great. I’m excited. Any experience with plants? He has some hardy stuff in the front.

I agree with @instock. Could be oxidation runoff. Try the onerestore. If I’m not mistaken onerestore is hydrochloric acid. So be careful around plants.

It could be something leaching out of the mortar too. I’d try the OneRestore regardless.

I had a bunch of hostas growing on the other side of that house. I watered them and put tarps over. They were fine.

Guess I could drown the plants then cover with tarp up to the home. Just inform the homeowner of the possible risk to the plants closer to the home.

Hostas pretty tough. Would wet and cover though and may lose a few right where it runs down wall. Their leaves designed to catch moisture and funnel down to plant, so saturate and cover.

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I just noticed on the right side of your picture. Under the roof, there is no staining. Definitely washing down. That is gonna clean up nice. I’m kind of jealous of the before and after pics you’ll get.

Pick up a few cheap pump sprayers and plan on throwing them away.

I have to eat the cost on this which is fine. I’m going to use the before and after for commercial business proposals. Ton of business in my area have brick like this.

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Why do you have to eat the cost of it?

Sorry for the delay! I quoted the customer a price with the brick. I don’t mind. I’m excited to try the new product and see the after shots.

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Dont forget to post them pics when you finish. Id like to see how the one restore did.

Definitely will remember. I’m excited to see as well even if there is no money involved.

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