Paint bled onto brick?

I have never understood the concept of charging money for instructions on how to use a product… :man_shrugging:


I agree 100% and was kind of ticked that as much as I was spending on F9 products that I had to buy the darn thing… But got it at a show at a discount and it has come in handy over the years.


Craig’s stance is it keeps everyone Tom, Richard, and Harry from going out and buying F9 products for home use. It keeps them in the hands of contractors. That’s the reasoning he’s stated. Not that I agree or disagree.

It’s called strategic distributorship. :roll_eyes::smirk:

I applaud him for finding another way of capitalizing on his fantastic products. Just out of the norm, is all.

I think the laminated hardcopy would be nice to have; I can see some value in a high quality reference like that. $40 for a set of PDF’s and links to videos, all designed to sell me on a particular product… I’m not sure. It’s definitely the cheaper option vs. the hardcopy, and the one I would go with if I found myself flummoxed by a big stain removal project. But… yeah. Not sure what else to say?

I believe a lot of other people have done the heavy lifting for him, as well; many of the photos in the cookbook apparently are credited to various contractors.

And there are other options out there, like EacoChem :thinking:


I purchased the app about a month ago and it’s okay to use on a computer but a pain on the phone. I think the book would be super handy but hard to justify $200 on it. But hey, buy 5 cases of F9 products and you get a free cookbook…lol. Most homeowners wouldn’t buy two cases of product so I’m not so sure I agree with his reasoning. It’s not like you couldn’t just buy the product and ask a few questions on the internet to figure out how to remove a stain. A homeowner would do that before spending $50 on a book that explains stain removal. Why would they spend $50 to learn how to remove one stain when they could just ask on a forum? My thoughts at least.

I am going to start using EacoChem more. You can tag the EacoChem guy on here and he always jumps on and replies.

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$200 for a book about stains lol. That’s burglary where I’m from.


If it’s $200 in the States just think what it would cost you there!


It wouldn’t matter ide never need it to the tune of $200, the internet’s a wonderful thing.

Hey @12_B and @marinegrunt. Sorry, it’s been a while. I’ve been super busy. It was me a while back. Barc took it right off. Easy money.

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Found the thread and answers I am looking for. All the “heavy hitters” giving their best as always. I love this forum! I have multiple houses in my area that look just like this. I don’t have the cookbook as a newbie. So is there a mixture ratio for the Barc, what was the dwell time, scrubbing or just pressure rinse? I would love to hear the application side of the removal if you would share and post photo. Thanks!

I tried to tag @sgb on that reply

Joint the front 9 facebook page and ask directly. Craig will share a page directly out of the cookbook with you.

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Will do. Preparing for a friends brick house and just educating myself which this forum far outweighs the facebook page I belong to. Great people! Thanks @TexasPressureWashing.

Agreed with this forum being the best by far. But specifically for cook book stuff Craig will share that directly.

You can find directions on their website. It tells you exactly what to do for rust.

Thanks, @marinegrunt, I looked at the site earlier and also see a bunch of videos. Will be at my friend’s house probably Thursday to see what is all needed. Will joint the facebook page as well. BTW, nice truck @TexasPressureWashing. Reading this forum is like my morning coffee, can’t quite get enough!

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