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Okay so I’ve been doing a lot more research on this forum and a whole lot more online in general. And I’ve taken into consideration everything that you guys have helped me with so far which I can’t appreciate enough. Unfortunately due to storage issues and kind of a tighter budget a trailer system isn’t going to work for me right now. I was thinking about this machine - Pressure-Pro Professional 4GPM 4000 PSI (Gas-Cold Water) Belt-Drive Aluminum Frame Pressure Washer w/ Honda GX390 Engine & CAT Pump. i think the product is EB4040HC. Around 1,800$ after shipping. I’m looking to do part time side work after my full time job and on weekends. Of course I need product, jrod, more hoses, surface cleaner, etc etc. and I’ll do my research on all of that as well. I was just seeing what you guys thought of this machine. Worst case I’ll use this until i make enough money to buy a 5.5 or an 8 and move out of my apartment and use it for a backup

You don’t really need 4K psi. Try and find a 5.5 gpm at around 3000 psi. I’m sure there’s something for around the same price. You can save some cash by buying the engine, pump, skid, and unloader separate and putting it together yourself. Aluminum skids aren’t that great. Stainless or steel is the way to go.

Okay thanks. Just If I’m going portable if I get a 5.5 won’t I need a buffer tank and all that? Due to my storage issue I’m kind of basing my machine around that. I was hoping at a 4GPM i could get away with using a straight spigot. Maybe I could start looking at lower PSI machines

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You’re right. You’ll be better off with a 4 gpm.

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Okay thank you for the help I appreciate it!

Believe it or not, even a little 20 gallon buffer tank will be fine with a 5.5. I never see my 55 gallon get below 45, even using my surface cleaner or rinsing a large house.


Okay good to know. Thank you

All the guys I’ve seen post on here about going from a 4/4 to a 5.5 talk about how much better it was. Good luck! You can get a 5.5 with electric start delivered almost anywhere for $1850 FYI.

so you think a 5.5GPM with 3000psi would be better than a 4GPM at 4000 PSI? I’m not sure if the cleaning units REALLY matter that much but the CU of both are pretty similar… yet again I’m still new to all this and obviously you and other people who do this for a living on this forum will have a much better idea than me. I was thinking If I went with a 5.5 with maybe a 50gal buffer tank how complicated would it be to mount a skid system and do the plumbing for the buffer tank? And let’s say I had to use my bed for some reason. Is the system easy to take off? I mean I’m going to have to anyway because of the winter in NY. I have a bed cap that locks I wonder if that’ll affect the setup. Any info would be greatly appreciated and thank you for your response.

It’s the rinsing advantage of a 5.5GPM. No one uses 4K PSI on concrete (intentionally), I mean you could set it up to be easily removed. Search the forum for truck bed builds. There are several examples.

Cool thanks. And just curious, do you need to bolt down a skid? Or is the weight entirely enough

I would bolt down the skid yes. If you buy one on wheels I’d just secure it to be removed as needed.

Example Truck Build

Side note: I’m not washing nor have I washed. Starting this fall and following the advice of guys on here who have been doing it for years. Read for days before you buy. It will prevent mistakes and wasting money. Buy once, cry once as many like to say but especially @Infinity :smile:

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Another plus of a buffer tank is the ability to set your gun down as long as you want because the bypass will keep circulating water. Otherwise, you’ll have to make sure you squeeze the trigger every 30 seconds to keep your pump from overheating. If a customer comes out to talk or, you have to walk back to the truck for something, you either have to run over and shut your machine down or keep squeezing the trigger during conversation. I don’t think I could wash without a buffer tank.

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I use a 35 gallon buffer tank from tractor supply, with my 5.5 gpm machine. With the hudson float it fills to 25 gallons but the water level doesn’t move. Even when I’m on the hammer with my WW ultra clean surface cleaner, the tank stays topped off. And the 35 gallon tank has a pretty small foot print, definitely small enough for a truck build if you’re just starting out.

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Gotcha okay thank you! I was wondering if I bolted it to a pallet along with the buffer tank and hose reels and whatever else I need so I’m able to remove it?

Very very true. Thank you

Okay maybe I’ll start looking at tanks at tractor supply that was my next question. Thank you!

This. Mine doesn’t drop either.

Now when I switch to an 8gpm, that may change.:flushed:


If I end up going with a 5.5GPM 3000PSI skid setup I was thinking maybe the bed of my truck could be a possibility. I’ve seen some posts on here about it. It would be ideal due to my lack of storage issue right now. I’d have to install everything in a platform like a pallet or something that way I can remove it (with help) when needed. One possible issue though, i have a truck bed cap that I want to keep on (I go canoeing and kayaking and it has roof racks so I can strap everything on plus for ladders and what not) would the cap be an issue with the exhaust? It might be kinda tight or awkward but still better than lugging around a 150-200lb machine. This is kind of my last resort I’d prefer a 5.5 over a 4/4 but I want the cap to stay on and I can’t get a trailer :frowning: thoughts? Thank you!

If you are using a GX390, it’ll be closer to 5.5/2200 after hose length.