Truck Bed Build

So towards the end of last season I really started getting annoyed with my trailers; Disliked parking with them, backing up with them, and all the stuff that went along with owning one (jerks constantly trying to break into them, upkeep, etc.). In the beginning of this season I ended up doing a really cheap mod out in the beds of one of the work trucks, just to see if I liked working out of it or not. I reached out to @Deanswc and asked him some basic questions about his modded out truck since my plan was to do something similar.

I used:

(1) pallets for the “flooring” - one single pallet for the washer and reel, and then 2 pallets stacked on top of each other, and secured, for the buffer tank and other reel;
(2) Cheap GP reels - surprisingly held up well;
(3) cheap 4gpm/4000 pressure pro skid mounted unit;
(4) 65 gallon buffer tank - I understand this is too small for most of you guys;
(4) normal fittings, hoses, filters, etc.

It’s been a good portion of this season and i’m happy to report I absolutely love this set up. Of course there are some drawbacks (a little cramped for space, concerns for the equipment if it rains on the job), but overall the benefits outweigh the negatives for my own personal business. Setup and breakdown is quicker, parking (I service a bunch of beach towns with very tight parking) is significantly easier, and I’ve found myself stocking the truck with the bare essentials, rather than how I used to fill my trailer to the brim with stuff (I guess that’s not really a result of the truck build, but still).

If anyone is contemplating modding out a truck bed I highly advise it.



I would hate it if I had to go back to using a trailer. I love my truck setup.

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The rain shouldn’t be a concern, it won’t harm anything. How do you reel your hoses up? Is the bed 8ft?

I roll them up with the regular hand crank - You cant see it, but there’s a good amount of space between the two reels. Yup it’s an 8ft bed.

If you are worried about rain, and since you have ladder racks, go to a boat dealership near you and find out where you can get custom tarps done. The shop will be able to take the measurements and get something fitted for you that you can get snapped down. Or at minimum maybe just look at a roof section. There are better options out there, but that’s a fairly inexpensive one.

Keeps the rain out of the burner and it swivels to deflect heat. $14 .

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Lol @dperez, I use a BBQ cover too. I don’t have ladder racks for my truck, so the cover does what I need. If it really storming out, I go super high tech and just drop a tarp over everything.