Newbie needing help (Surface Cleaner Question)


Some pics Got to race some pretty cool cars over the years.
One of my favorites. At 24 hours of Daytona. I’m in the Beemer. One of the Earnharts in the yellow vet. They were pitted right beside us. Two weeks later was when he got killed

From 24 hours of Lemans - This is tech inspection day they have in the center of town day or so prior to race - see the crowd for frigging tech inspection. they’re fanatics over there

My altime favorite - a GTP car from early 90’s. Cars had so much downforce over about 150 you could run them on the ceiling. Different driving because the faster you went in the corners the more grip you had.

Road America 2000 - funny story, I was driving for BMW and had started one car, got out of it and jumped into another completely different style bmw powered prototype and finished the race in it. That was a 4 hour race. Jumped out of it and had to start another 3 hour race for a friends Lexus powered car. We slipped up and won so still had my BMW drivers suit on since I didn’t have time to change so had to roll down and put on one of the crew members shirts for the podium. I was a tired puppy that night. Three completely different styled and powered cars. Took a couple of laps to get use to the difference each time.


That is pretty incredible… thanks for sharing. I couldnt imagine going that fast, i bet its awesome.


Over about 165 you need to get real focused


What! This is crazy @Racer

I won tickets to the izod race in Chicago. I got to stand with the pit crew the entire race. I thought it was cool but the highlight was fist bumping Mario Andretti as he drove by on a scooter.


Thanks for sharing that’s really cool


That’s awesome! I always wondered why your name was racer. I live about 2 hrs from road america, last I went was 2 years ago for sport cars, it was the weather tech runoffs.


@lsquad333 You must be in Wisconsin. Where are you located?


That’s awesome Rick. Thanks for sharing the photos and stories. I enjoyed it. I bet you had a lot of fun racing over the years.


Hello, I’m in Madison. I see your in Oconomowoc, that’s not to far away, wish it would start warming up around here.


It would be nice if it warmed up. This is my first season, I have all this new stuff that I’m itching to play with, haha. Would love to chat some time if you’re up for it.


It was always one one of my favorite tracks. Best part though was all the vendors fixing Brats with onions and peppers


Never set pressure with unloader…always change tips to change pressure. 4025 will have you at about 2400 psi and the extra volume will let it float. After you make you money back upgrade your pump and get a whisperwash


Cool thanks I will order some of those tips.


So with that being said other than the tips that came with my wand. Should I look at buying any other tips??
Why should to not ever use the regulator to change pressure??


You can control pressure to some extent on a pressure actuated unloader but you are loosing flow by doing so.


Ok thank you.


Adjusting unloader outside of pump parameters causes premature failure of unloader and pump pickings it overworkes the device. Good idea to have a spare unloader with you at all times but they can be pricey changing tips the safest way to go. Also get a pressure guage and watch some videos on how to initially set unloader. Once unloader is set don’t mess with it. P.s. do not set unloader with trigger gun use ball valve when setting unit pressure speed of trigger causes pressure surge of approx 300psi which will throw reading off


Please do not follow any of this. Probably meant well but pump packings are not affected, pump is not over worked. Pump does what a pump does. Use a trigger gun with proper tip to set unloader.


Wow…never set unloader with ball valve, thts not what a ball valve use is.
Set the unloader with the gun and leave it there.


Ok so I was looking at tips that came with this machine. 4000psi4gpm the tips are 3.5 is that correct?