Newbie needing help (Surface Cleaner Question)


Correct for what? What are you wanting to clean?

Donte explained things really good earlier in the thread. Use whatever tip is going to give you the pressure you want according to the nozzle chart. Just don’t ever use a nozzle that is going to restrict your 4 gpm pump. You’re going to want to learn how to read a nozzle chart.

Let’s say you wanted to wash something using 1000 psi. Look at a nozzle chart and follow to the right until you find 1000 psi. Now go down until you come to 4 gpm (your machine gpm). Now go all the way to the left to the nozzle size. So, a #8 will give you 1000 psi.

You asked about the 3.5 nozzles. Look at the nozzle chart and run it in reverse from what we just did above. This time you’re going to follow it to your pump’s max psi. What do you think you get?


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Not in my m.o. I prefer to run the snot out of mine lol. As far as setting the unloader goes when I pop a new one on my unit I just carefully dial it in to psi…say unit is rated at 4k I slowly close ball valve and make sure it doesn’t go over 4k to bypass…works like a charm and my unloader lasts a very long time. I used to set pressure with zero degree nozzle and nozzle chart and trigger gun till an old tech showed me that trick and I haven’t had any issues yet. It comes out just a little more precise for initial set up. But to each their own lol


So I have a question I am trying unit for first time I bought 10%sh mixed 6cups to a 5 gallon bucket a little weak I think. I sprayed the front of my house waited abiut10 minutes and I don’t see a difference. What am I doing wrong???


Don’t dilute the 10%


Everything I have watched says dilute or you could mess stuff up??


Go 4gl to 1 gl of soap…no water


I watched all videos and stuff and I mixed a lil weak but gutters and house doesn’t look any different. Should I let it dwell maybe 15 mins or so??


What is the draw rate of your chemical injector? At 10/1 you would be putting a 1% solution on the surface. That is plenty to clean with and won’t hurt anything


I have a Honda powered 4000 psi4gpm comet pump.


I know that the comet is not good but at least I can start with it.


Don’t use 1 gal of soap. You may need 3-5oz per 5gal of mix. Just add a little splash of soap to your bucket full of bleach and try again.


Let the guy do some research. 5 minutes of reading or ten minutes of trying it for himself will get him his answer




I understand now. Because I’m down streaming I don’t have to dilute the 10%. If I were using a back pack sprayer I would. Thank all of you guys for willing to help me in any way instead of just telling me to bug off.


Please don’t walk around with bleach strapped to your back. It will eventually leak due to the seals and fitting not holding up to bleach it will then leak and chemically burn you.


Ok good to know.
I figured out that I was not suppose to cut the sh10% and it cleaned up nice and effortlessly. Thank you


If you downstream use 4 gallons of 10% sh 1 gallon water small blurb of soap. Shoot wait rinse.