Newbie needing help (Surface Cleaner Question)


Thank you


Do you live in Augusta, Ga?


That is very helpful thank you.


Thank you for taking time to help




I live a little ways down the road…in Vidalia…about 100 miles south of you.

You have a great contractor, @Racer, that lives over in Greer, SC.


Ok thank you you I have not yet got to do a job with it but this excites me so I’m trying to learn all I can.


I think that you are in a great area…I have family that lives over in Aiken and New Ellenton…lot of stuff to wash over that way.


He has reached out to me does he do this for a living to???And is that his name @racer???
What does that mean a Contractor??


Yeah, he does this for a living, and racer is his forum name…he is a retired professional car racer.

Contractor…is a professional pressure washer.


Ok so not the same guy that was talking to me the other night he was much younger but he posted something about @racer in my blog. He told me that the BE equipment that I bought was not great and a lot of people would disagree but IT would make me money to upgrade next year to a better pump I have a comet zw 4040 and he told me to upgrade to a landa or udor next year.


Can I follow this guy or learn from him and how if you don’t mind me asking?


Yes, you can…and he has helped me a ton…very knowledgeable about most aspects of washing. He is glad to offer help…great guy.


I want to encourage you…you have a great market to start in…wish mine was as good. I live down here in the woods, poor folks…not much money and not a very good market. Fortunately, I am not depending on this for a living…I would be in trouble.


Do I follow him on here or another site??i just got on here like two days ago and I’m addicted. I’m still learning how the sites works??


You can follow him on here.


Cool so if I just wanna see what’s going on here at this site from him I can just search him.
Awesome and thank you I hope to learn more from you and everyone else Soon.


@Racer for real?


Yeah…raced sports cars…like SCCA Trans Am circuit car and others.


Thats awesome.