Newbie needing help (Surface Cleaner Question)

So I have a question and could use some advice.
I just bought a BE Honda powered 4000 psi 4gpm
And a 20 inch BE surface cleaner. I asking for help cause I used it for the first time today only had it 2 days now and surface cleaner is super slow and I dont think it has any power. Could I be right?and should I try to get the 16 inch instead???please help. I really wish shop would have told me it might be to big if that’s the case.

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May seem counterintuitive, but buy bigger nozzles to get more flow and reduce psi.

But yeah. 20 inch is at the top end of the range for a 4 gpm. 4 inches per every 1 gpm is kinda the sweet spot.

Did you buy it as a package deal? “Start your own pressure washing business package?”

Yeah I have been following a blog and wanted to try to start up one one the side to see if I had what it takes.
I bought both from outdoor equipment place Friday
I tried to use surface cleaner on my driveway and it did not float like it was suppose to and was leaving stripes so I had to go really slow. I don’t know that he will let me get the 16 instead. I’m looking all over the internet to see if there is anything I can do to hop it up or just hope he will understand since he didn’t really explain that to me.

Did it come with an extension wand too? If so, my opinion is take anything with GP or BE on it back and tell them they sold you snake oil. Others will disagree, but the track records aren’t good.

If they won’t take it back, take the Honda off and put the rest of it in the woods where archaeologists will call it primitive in 1000 years compared with other similar artifacts.

You can make some money with it, but if you want to do more than a few jobs a month some better equipment is probably a good business decision.

What kind of pump is on it?

Comet zwd 4040

Sorry man. The Honda is the only good thing about your set up.

I wouldn’t spend @Racer’s money on a comet pump and I love spending his money. Lol


I am trying to learn everything I can about it. So is this setup not worth starting out with. I really couldn’t afford any more money. Any sites or stuff you could help with that I could read.

Could I just change pump out down the road and if so what would be better? Could I mod it at all when comet dies?emphasized text

You CAN start with anything. I started with a Ryobi because I didn’t even know pressure washing could be a business. Good news though. You can make enough money with that machine while you can to upgrade next year.

The search bar in this forum will give you, your kids, and your kid’s kids enough of an education to grow a business. Replace the pump next year with a Landa, Udor, or even a General Pump. Plenty of people here are making lots of money with those pumps and very few problems.


Ok thank you very much for taking time to reply.

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@Gman904, I’m using the whisper wash Ultra Clean 16". I picked it up from Southside Equipment (just google them, then click the link for the online store, or call) for 410 bucks. It’s a great tool, and if you are intent on using your machine, it’ll probably be more effective than your BE. Make sure they sent you the correct nozzles for your surface cleaner as well that are matched to your machine.


I actually bought it from the store as is. He didn’t say anything about tips or anything.

I have learned that a 16inch is the best for my unit I think the unit it self has enough power. But that cleaner. Not so much. I live in Augusta I don’t have anyone around here that sells this stuff that’s why I went to him. Just to get started and get money and learn what to upgrade to there is so much to learn I think I have some time. Is the BE brand garbage???it seems that no one likes it??

I’m no brand expert. But what I can tell you is go with quality. Quality and price sometimes meet at a sweet spot. That’s the whisper wash ultra clean imo. The classic is 230 bucks more expensive. If you’re just starting out, that’s 230 bucks you can spend on a swivel and ball valve, flexzilla hose, and maybe another 100 ft hose if need be.

Here ya go:

Off the top of my head I believe you’re nozzle is a #4 orifice size. If you flip over your surface cleaner, there are two nozzles in your spray bar. If they don’t say 2502, you should consider changing them. Check a nozzle chart. Use the search function, learn to read it and use it, and verify that you are indeed a #4. If so, you’ll for sure want 2502. 25 being 25 degree spray pattern, 02 being 4/2=2. You divide it in half since there are 2 nozzles. I hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much this is so new to me. And I’m shocked at the amount of people that are willing to help out new people. I just flipped over the surface cleaner and the tips do say 2502. So that just proves that my pressure washer can’t push enough water to surface cleaner correct??



Thank you sir. I checked and they are 2502 tips I’m gonna go by there in the am. I have only had it 3 days and see if he will exchange for the 16 inch. I didn’t know all of this then as I do now. I am thankful for this forum and all of you that are willing to help out another brother in the business Rookie or Pro. I have a comet zw 4040 pump everyone I have talked to so far says that that is garbage and that I need to get a Landa or ubor. So I will have to do some jobs before I can afford that.

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