New truck! (The Beast)


You literally could not pay me any amount of money to live somewhere that cold. I’d rather just be a panhandler on the streets of Ft Lauderdale. I’m ticked it’s only getting into the 50’s down here most days. 71 though Sunday.


It’s why I keep an extra 80 pounds packed on… my “winter coat” if you will.


Had a butt pucker moment an hour ago! Getting the beast pulled home and I look in my rear view mirror to see this! I called my guy and said “PULL FASTER”!


A snow tornado?

Man your weather sucks.


That sucks man, I hate tornados.

Many years ago I had one touch down by us while in a firefight. Afghan soldier that was attached to me got shot in the stomach and bleed out because the helos wouldn’t fly in the weather. Pic from the guys at base.


That’s horrible man. Sorry to hear!


Any damage ? Looks bad. Stay safe!


Nope! It lifted before it hit town and we had a slight breeze.


Are you close to Stauton


Thats nuts. Glad u made it out of both situations.


Talking to me?


Yes. We have friends there and they were talking about a touchdown there and then I saw your picture


Try are a couple hours south of me.!


Why are you getting pulled? Not on a roadway are you?


Transmission out I believe?


Backroad to my shop. Rear end is out. Thought it was the rear end then the transmission but now I know it’s the rear.


$2,200 for the rear end rebuild… Now I almost wish it would have been the transmission!

That is for a used rear end. A new one was $4,000 before labor! Just a heads up for anyone who is considering buying one. The mechanic is a semi repair service and he did say these are really tough trucks. but he said when they break its expensive!


New box pusher came in for the loader! Super stoaked to run this thing! 10 foot wide 3 foot tall.


Holy cow. That thing is huge. You need a bigger loader now.


I went and ran it after work. I had made a large pile of snow in the middle of a seldom used area of the parking lot. It was huge heavy chunks and it did ok. I could tell it was a bit underpowered but it was not normal snow. I broke up the pile with the bare bucket then put the pusher on and carried it a hundred yards to the ditch. What would have taken me 5 hours to move bucket by bucket took me 15 minuets to push.