New truck! (The Beast)


Already put a bug in her ear so she’s not surprised lol


Love this thing!


I’m thankful that we don’t get that kind of snow in Mississippi. I hate winter enough without it. After winter is over im going to start looking for a 1994-1998 dodge dually flatbed or utility bed with a Cummins. Those years were the 12 valve models and were completely mechanical.


You got a box, Or just using the bucket. When i did sams club that company had a 14 ft box. With wet snow the Volvo struggled though


Meant bucket or box


Both. I was using the bucket because the snow was hard packed and didn’t want to tear up the pusher.


Yah we had to replace the poly edge on it once a month. Those boxes sure are nice, move a lot of snow. How much does that run you for a winter? 10k ?


I got this one for $8,500 with delivery for 4 months. Next year I am going to have it for 5 months. We got caught with our pants down on this storm not having it…


Not bad…You have inspired me lol. Maybe try and get a Walmart Meijer or menards contract. Get the contract then rent the equipment. No contract and your not out any money. One lot can keep two guys busy year around. Hmmmm

Thank You sir


Next year obviously lol.

This year I’m going to the ymca and coffee shop everyday ha


Don’t kid yourself lol… It’s a lot of work… I’m here at the office and I was moving snow on the loader till 1AM.

This storm cost me about $10,000 when you figure salt, breakdowns, fuel, payroll… Not even including insurance and the rental.


If it were me I would just do like 1 walmart and 1 menards. I am close to dropping all my residential and all small commercial that pays less than $400 per push.

The bouncing around kills us. That or I need to add 2 more trucks and carry on.


Are you able to move the loader yourself?


I can drive it from account to account. But it won’t leave Walmart much.


Yeah, but you had 2 major unexpected mechanical problems that put you in a real bind… That doesn’t always happen. Just bad it happened on the first snow of the year.


Each snow should cost me a minimum of $3,000 in labor and salt. But that’s servicing 45 acres of property. We lucked out and still came out profitable this time.


Looks like you have a little more headed your way tonite or tomorrow


It’s skirting just north. I’ll wake up at 3 and see if it’s slick out. If it is I’ll have time to salt everything before work.


Sheesh, how do you live up there. Just pulled up weather for Mccomb and high next week is like 33 deg. Though it is suppose to be a balmy 47 Sat. You can wear shorts, lol.


It’s going to rain like crazy lol and our motto is “it’s Illinois. If you don’t like the weather just give it a minute”

We say that because we often squeeze all the seasons into 1 day.