New truck! (The Beast)


Now all you need is snow storm


Uploaded this just for you! Don’t tell anyone I was running the loader with 1 hand.


I’ll pass lol if it doesn’t snow anymore this year I’ll be happy!


Nice, rental or purchase?


The loader or box? Loader is a 4 month rental. I bought the box pusher.


So you’ll be renting the loader again next year?


Most likely… to buy one this nice would run me 50-60k and I wouldn’t really have a need for it in the off season. I can rent this one (next year I’ll be renting slightly bigger) for 8,500 for 4 months.

I could almost build 2 brand new f250 plow trucks for what it costs to buy 1 used loader.

Yes you can buy older loaders but the problem is it’s used so little and if it breaks down it’s my dime to repair. This rental breaks down and I’ll have a replacement one in 6 hours if it’s a morning break.


That’s great, also I image they’re probably expensive to fix

As long as you make good profit after the rental cost then you’re golden

Are you still working at the college?


Yes still at the college. This year I’m trying to spend all the profits on equipment. Thus the “beast” and new plow. I may set back 30k of profits for the fall.


That’s great

Will you be doing the plowing yourself next year or do you plan on just managing the trucks and schedules for employees?


I’ll die with a plow controller in my hand. By far my favorite thing to do. I don’t care if I have 50 trucks I’ll still be plowing lol

Maybe won’t work the 30-40 hour straight shifts anymore though…


That’s a awesome feat, I couldn’t imagine doin a 40hr plow session. Then again I have never touched snow in my life lol .
Seriously though i admire you guys that can stay awake for so long working I’m off to bed after 24hrs.


Wish I was just now going to bed! I just got up at 6am here. I’m sleepy!




When I bought my frr the biggest selling point for me was a 6 month old recipe for a new transmission $3800 . Considering I paid $8000 for the truck I felt like it was a great deal


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Please don’t promote your business here without first getting vendor approval from the site owner @Chris


Doing this makes you look desperate. Do what everyone else here does and have your friends on the forum promote you :joy:


Quality beats “price” every time. You have false advertising on your website on several machines. Did you check with Jarrod Gumbolt or Bob at PressureTek before you used the term “Jrod style” ?


Yea that would have been nice! This ended upnthe rear end. And it was likely due to the age but it didn’t help that when I was somewhat stuck I kicked it from drive to reverse and back. That’s ultimately what did her in.