New truck! (The Beast)

Got a new buggy today! New build will be fun!


Congrats! Keep us updated on the build. Good looking truck.

Nice!! Seems flatbeds are all the rage with the cool kids these days…

I’m a trailer man myself. I can’t have a vehicle tied up for a singular purpose.

Looking forward to build out pics.


Very nice! I am jealous!

You mean, “work”? :smirk:


Welcome to the flatbed truck club mate, they dont look cool but they make $$

She will look cool tomorrow when this same snow blade gets mounted too her!


No, I mean if my van is in the shop for some reason, I can’t use a flatbed to handle my window cleaning jobs, but I can unhook my PW trailer and use my truck until the van is fixed. If my truck is down, I can pull my PW trailer with the van. I don’t want a dedicated vehicle that has all my stuff mounted to it.


Wow, what a beast. Have fun, I quit plowing last year. I only miss it a little bit:sweat_smile:

So whoever invented the process of recapping tires should be hung in the streets! About an hour into the 4 hour drive home I had a drivers side rear tire explode at 70mph! It was a brand new tire… went to a truck stop and they don’t sell that small of tire and Walmart wouldn’t do it. I find it ironic that I bought this truck with Walmart’s money but they couldn’t take any back to put a tire on. So I bought the tire from them and drove it the 3 hours home on 5 tires!

She’s in the driveway!


I’ve had good luck with the Hercules tires in both 16 and the 19.5 . There cheap and last about 60000. I stepped up and put Goodyear tires on this time. There wear like iron but absolutely suck in the wet. Never had that problem with the Hercules.

If they suck in the wet I wonder how they do in the snow?

Time to find a spare.

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Looks like a great truck at a great price!

Have you plowed with them before? I was thinking about getting one and plowing during winter. Is that a 4x4? How much would a plow setup run on one of those if you dont mind telling?

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I actually talked them down to $7,000 for the truck. Out the door with plates and fees was $8,010

The plow I’m putting on is about $7,300 installed.


Can’t hide money

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What ya mean?

It’s 2wd but with 8,000 pounds of de-icer sitting on the bed I’m not worried about traction.


Great talking my man!

Seems like a good price on a plow. I’ve never priced one before. It doesnt look like it had one before so that’s for a complete install, right?

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Lol. Just dont run low on de-icer.

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