New truck! (The Beast)


Oh geez, hang in there man, you can be successful despite any circumstance that comes your way. Learn, adapt, grow, succeed.

How much is it going to be to fix it?


Looks pretty nice in pics


Sorry about truck man, Were you able to get loaders and get your jobs finished?


Looks like a good opportunity to buy a rebuild kit and learn transmissions while you get a new one installed. I’ve considered going to the junkyard to get a tundra transmission for funsies.

I may get an F250 one too. One more week and I’m living in my shop until March.


I rebuilt the transmission in a 1987 Hyundai excellent using an old school chiltons manual. I got a synchronizer wrong and third and 5th gear were the same. I drove the heck out of it and still got 30 mpg. 0 to 60 were the same. About 30 seconds lol.


Sorry to hear about the truck chris, it’s a pain when machines break.
These are what we use over my way to plow dirt, probably would go alright in the snow too.
A tad more expensive however.


I called and put a rush order in for a loader. Will be on site before noon tomorrow. But we’re about 80% done at this point. Still 30 some residential accounts to do and a few small commercial. I stopped to take a break and chat with y’all. 24 hours at it now not including the 14 hours I spent working on equipment before the storm. Took an hour nap in the hotel last night.

Speaking of… where are you??? I thought you were coming up to help? Get stuck in the snow?


Couple grand. Already got the cv shaft in the other truck fixed and it’s back plowing. This will still be my most profitable 40 hours of my life so far.

Blowing through $2,150 innsalt so far today lol

@Racer you were supposed to be here to load bags for me…


I’m just gonna buy new with a warranty. Lol it would make it a mile if I did it! Need it back running within a week.


Lol I’d end up re paving parking lots if I ran that!


Lol enjoy guys!


@Ikii I’m offering heavy load ice driving lessons if your interested!


That’s just a dusting. We get almost that much down here. I want to come when there’s about 2’ on the ground. And looking at your picture here close as I’m going to get to touching bags of salt., lol.

Can see why you needed forklift though.


We had somewhere between 5-10 inches lol


Oh yeah. Totally. Lol that’s what I meant when I said while you get a new one installed. I was just excited about the thought of rebuilding a transmission to learn it.


I see that now! I just woke up from my power nap…

Now I’ve slept a total of 6.5 hours since I woke up Sunday morning lol


Money may not buy you happiness… But it will rent you a loader for 4 months!


That’s the best route to go with large lots. Everybody does that here… breaks down, no worries lol


It’s making a huge difference peeling up an inch of snow pack! Will save me thousands on salt.


I am seeing another purchase in your future! :grin: